Refreshing Orange Bird-Inspired DOLE Whip Cone & Float From Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs

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Two images showing hands holding orange-flavored ice cream treats against a waterfront background: One is a swirl cone topped with orange candy, the other is an ice cream sundae in a mason jar with an orange slice.

Refreshing Orange Bird-Inspired DOLE Whip Cone & Float From Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs

For Flavors of Florida this year, Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs has two new Orange Bird-inspired DOLE Whip treats: the Orange Bird Cone and the Orange Bird Float.

Two banners at Disney Springs display "Flavors of Florida" event details, featuring bright oranges and information about fresh Florida flavors presented by CORKCICLE. Buildings and greenery are visible in the background.

Swirls on the Water is in the Marketplace of Disney Springs and also offers The Key Lime Pie Sundae. Flavors of Florida runs from July 1 through August 11.

Orange Bird Cone – $6.49

DOLE Whip Orange in an orange cone topped with orange crisp pearls and an Orange Bird garnish

A hand holds an orange and vanilla swirl DOLE whip ice cream cone decorated with orange sprinkles and a small image of an animated character, set against a river and blue sky backdrop.

This is a cute, fun cone. It’s the perfect refreshing treat during a Florida summer, although it will melt fast. We tried moving the Orange Bird medallion and it melted all over our hands.

A hand holding an orange and white ice cream cone with orange sprinkles and a decorative topper, close to a body of water and a docked boat in the background.

You must like orange flavors to like this. The DOLE Whip Orange is strong and overpowering. The sprinkles and orange cone don’t add anything except some texture.

A hand holding an orange and white swirled ice cream cone topped with orange and white sprinkles. The background includes a river, a dock, and clear blue sky.

That said, it’s a wonderful treat. Grab some napkins and eat it fast!

Rating out of 7: 6

Orange Bird Float – $11.49

DOLE Whip Orange and Watermelon swirl with Fanta Orange in a souvenir cup

A hand holding a jar of colorful soft serve ice cream topped with a lemon slice, candy, and cookie, in front of a river with a boat and surrounding buildings under a blue sky.

We didn’t like this as much as the cone. The combination of watermelon and orange was off-putting. But you can ask for it without watermelon, just as DOLE Whip orange and Fanta. They had actually been making it like that for guests before we ordered.

A hand holds a layered orange drink topped with pink whipped cream and yellow chocolate ears, in a jar labeled "Florida" against a riverside backdrop with a boat and buildings under a clear blue sky.

Either way, it is a cool and refreshing drink. The souvenir cup is cute. It resembles a mason jar with the Flavors of Florida logo on the front.

A hand holding a jar of orange and pink ice cream topped with a lemon slice, standing near a waterfront with a boat and clear blue sky in the background.

Rating out of 7: 4

If we got this without watermelon, it might be a 7.

There is also a scavenger hunt available at Disney Springs for Flavors of Florida, which we also tried.

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