A red door with scratches and a handle is shown with text: "Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Insidious: The Further – A Haunted House Experience.

BREAKING: ‘Insidious’ Haunted House Announced for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando and Hollywood

Shannen Ace

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood will feature the haunted house “Insidious: The Further.”

Insidious: The Further

A demonic figure with glowing eyes and sharp teeth emerges from a wooden surface next to the text "Insidious: The Further," capturing the essence of pure terror.

The house is inspired by the “Insidious” film franchise. The most recent film in the series is “Insidious: The Red Door,” with another movie set to release next summer.

Here is the description of the house from Universal:

Produced by Blumhouse Productions in association with Sony Pictures, Insidious tells the disturbing story of the Lamberts, a family haunted by evil supernatural forces after their son slips into an inexplicable comatose state after becoming possessed by a demonic entity. In the all-new Halloween Horror Nights haunted house, guests will follow in the footsteps of the Lamberts, encountering familiar settings and scares as they are transported directly into ‘The Further’ — the ethereal place where ghosts and demons lurk. And just like in the films, guests will quickly learn that the paranormal creatures are here to stay…

Guests’ journey into ‘Insidious: The Further’ begins as they step through the iconic red door, where many of the tormented spirits and demons from the franchise await — determined to ensnare humans and steal their souls. Fans will come face-to-face with The Red-Faced Demon, who will attempt to lure them into his lair; the grim KeyFace, hoping to lock his victims in this dark dimension; the ghastly and dangerous Bride in Black; and the vengeful spirit of the Man Who Can’t Breathe. As guests make their way through the haunted house, they’ll go from red door to red door — traveling deeper into a dark and timeless astral world where they must evade this collection of sinister creatures at every spine-chilling turn, or their souls will be trapped here…forever.

Watch the “Insidious: The Further” announcement video:

There have been multiple “Insidious” houses and mazes at HHN in Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood over the years. The three Hollywood mazes were subtitled “Into the Further,” “Return to the Further,” and “Beyond the Further.” There was also an “Insidious” maze at Universal Studios Japan in 2018.

Other HHN 33 houses are “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” “A Quiet Place,” Triplets of TerrorMonstruos: The Monsters of Latin AmericaSlaughter Sinema 2Goblin’s FeastMajor Sweets Candy Factory, and The Museum: Deadly Exhibits. This leaves just one more house to be announced for Orlando.

HHN at Universal Studios Hollywood will feature “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” “A Quiet Place,” Monstruos 2: The Nightmares of Latin America, and “Dead Exposure: Death Valley.”

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