A plate of grilled meat with sauces and vegetables, a plate of fried seafood with rice and salad, and a dessert dish with layered pancakes, ice cream, chocolate sauce, cherry sauce, and garnishes—all featured on the Lost World Restaurant Menu.

New Lost World Restaurant Menu Unveiled Ahead of Reopening at Universal Studios Japan

Phil Wood

Universal Studios Japan has unveiled the new Lost World Restaurant menu that will be available when the quick-service dining location reopens on July 5.

New Lost World Restaurant Menu

Two plates of food on a table with a framed photo of an interior space in the background. The left plate, marked "T-Rex zone," boasts steak, ribs, shrimp, and sauce. The right plate has spring rolls and soup—a delicious glimpse into the Summer Offerings at Universal Studios Japan.

Lost World Restaurant will become the first restaurant in Universal Studios Japan to feature a menu where all entrees, sides, and desserts are offered as plant-based options. In addition to plant-based options, the menu will feature other food items that reflect “food diversity.”

Amber and Mango Tofu Pudding – ¥800 ($4.95)

A dessert cup containing layers of mousse and jelly topped with fruit cubes and a mint leaf, with a plate of various fried food in the background, reminiscent of the delightful summer offerings at Universal Studios Japan.

This dessert offers a nod to the original “Jurassic Park” film. The tofu pudding is topped with mango chunks and a piece of amber. Inside the amber, guests will find an edible flower rather than a mosquito as seen in the film.

Massaman and Red Curry Plate – ¥2,400 ($14.85)

A plated meal with fried chicken, yellow rice, two small bowls of sauce, a vegetable garnish, and a red triangular dish containing pickled vegetables on a light-colored table brings the flavors of Universal Studios Japan's summer offerings to your table.

This plate features both massaman and red curry. The featured items are served with fried chicken, fried shrimp, turmeric rice, marinated daikon, and a soft drink.

Jurassic Family Plate – ¥8,500 ($52.59)

A wooden plate with grilled meat, fried chicken, shrimp, sauce bowls, salad, and fries, garnished with a "T-REX ZONE" sign—a taste of Universal Studios Japan's Summer Offerings.

This plate allows guests to sample multiple items from the menu. The entree features beef steak, garlic roasted chicken, massaman & red curry, fried shrimp, turmeric rice, spicy chili potatoes, a vegetable spring roll, and a soft drink. The meal is topped with an edible “T. Rex Zone” street sign.

Vegetable Pho Plate – ¥2,100 ($12.99)

A plate with a spring roll, fresh greens, cilantro, a lime wedge, seasoned chickpeas, tofu, and pickled vegetables, alongside a bowl of noodle soup garnished with sliced onions—perfect for enjoying Universal Studios Japan's summer food offerings.

This plant-based item features a bowl of rice noodles, a vegetable spring roll, and three soup spoons filled with food. Guests will find fried beans, plant-based chicken and peanuts, and marinated daikon inside the spoons. This entree is served with a soft drink.

Fried Wonton Chips and Vegetable Soup – ¥550 ($3.40)

A bowl of soup with noodles and vegetables on a round plate garnished with lime, cilantro, and a piece of bread, placed on a light-colored table. A restaurant photo adorned with Universal Studios Japan's summer offerings can be seen in the background.

This plant-based item features a bowl of soup full of rice noodles and vegetables, two large wontons, a lime, and cilantro.

Volcano French Toast ¥1,500 ($9.28)

Six pieces of French toast are stacked on top of each other, as various sauces ooze out of the top and drip down the volcano’s sides. While Universal Studios Japan has not officially announced the types of sauces, it looks like chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and strawberry jam. The item also comes with cherries.

Vegetable Spring Rolls ¥650 ($4.02)

The final Lost World Restaurant menu item features two typical vegetable spring rolls. They come with daikon, a lime, and a dipping sauce.

What do you think of the new Lost World Restaurant menu available at Universal Studios Japan?

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