New Book to Celebrate 15 Year Anniversary of The Walt Disney Family Museum

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A man is shown holding several Mickey Mouse plush toys. The text on the image reads "Walt Disney Treasures: Personal Art and Artifacts from the Walt Disney Family Museum." This exhibit highlights iconic memorabilia curated by the renowned museum.

New Book to Celebrate 15 Year Anniversary of The Walt Disney Family Museum

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A new book titled “Walt Disney Treasures: Personal Art and Artifacts from The Walt Disney Family Museum” will be released on October 1, 2024 to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the museum.

‘Walt Disney Treasures’ Book from The Walt Disney Family Museum

A man surrounded by various Mickey Mouse stuffed toys is featured on the cover of a new book titled "Walt Disney Treasures: Personal Art and Artifacts from The Walt Disney Family Museum" celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the beloved museum.

This new book from author Walter E.D. Miller and the staff of The Walt Disney Family Museum will provide an in-depth look at the museum’s vast collection of art and artifacts that chronicle the life and career of Walt Disney.

A page spread detailing a charm bracelet from 1934, including a photo of a woman holding an Oscar, a watch with a leather cuff, and a black-and-white photo of Walt Disney in celebration of the Family Museum's 15 Year Anniversary.

The book features over 250 images from the museum’s collection, including artifacts that have never before been seen by the public.

A vintage comic strip and newspaper excerpt on the left, featuring a cartoon boy and other characters. On the right, a text discussing early cartoons and a black-and-white sketch of a boy in a hat.

Read the official synopsis of the book:

“Walt Disney Treasures: Personal Art and Artifacts from The Walt Disney Family Museum” chronicles the legacy of the legendary American artist, storyteller, filmmaker, and visionary through iconic objects that represent his life and career. Through historical research, firsthand accounts, and Walt’s own words, readers will uncover the most treasured artifacts that tell the story of Walt Disney and his family, as well as the significance of each item to Walt’s personal and professional life. With more than 250 images from the collection and galleries of The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco and the Disney family archives—some never seen by the public—readers will experience Walt’s story like never before.

Explore the book’s comprehensive sections that showcase the many facets of Walt Disney’s life:

· Heart: Walt as a family man

· Determination: his inexhaustible drive as a businessman and citizen

· Inspiration: key figures, places, and works that influenced Walt

· Animation: his pioneering of short-form and feature-length animation into an American art form

· Innovation: his experimental and trailblazing contributions to the craft of live-action, animated, and documentary cinema

· Creativity: Walt’s curiosity with miniatures, trains, and more

· Imagination: Disneyland, EPCOT, and beyond

· and Legacy: awards and recognition he received throughout the years

Readers of all ages and backgrounds will find something inspiring and entertaining in these pages: from personal ephemera, like Walt’s handwritten designs of EPCOT and the bronzed hat gifted to his wife Lillian on her birthday in 1941; to artifacts from Walt’s film, television, and theme park ventures like original animation artwork for a variety of Disney animated films and concept art for groundbreaking Disneyland attractions; to one-of-a-kind treasures like Walt’s miniature steam engine, the Lilly Belle; and his individual record-setting collection of Academy Awards. “Walt Disney Treasures” is a must-have volume for Disney fans and pop culture enthusiasts alike, as well as anyone interested in exploring the life of a 20th century icon

The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in San Francisco, California. Pre-orders for the book can be found here for $50 each.

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