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McDonald’s Teases Universal Studios Happy Meal Toys for Japan

Eric Morton

The X account for McDonald’s Japan teased a Universal Studios Japan collaboration today, sending a picture of a portion of the Universal Studios Japan globe and the message “The next collaboration for Happy Set.” Happy Set is the Japanese name for a Happy Meal.

The entrance archway of Universal Studios Japan stands proudly against a clear blue sky, reminiscent of the excitement found in Happy Meal Toys. The sign above the arch reads "Universal Studios Japan.

Happy Meal Toys From McDonald’s Japan

McDonald’s Japan is known for its unique and often exclusive Happy Meal toys and collectibles, which are released in impressive quantities. A notable example occurred in December 2023 when McDonald’s Japan introduced a special collection of 50 different Hello Kitty mini plushies. This release was in celebration of Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, set for 2024. Each plushie was uniquely designed, drawing inspiration from various fashion trends and historical Japanese eras. Adding to their charm, each plushie came equipped with a strap, making them easy to attach to bags or keychains. This extensive collection highlights McDonald’s Japan’s commitment to offering unique and culturally relevant collectibles to its customers.

No date has been given for when these new toys may be available, or which Universal properties might be represented in the collection. However, as these are likely to be very popular, we expect more information will be coming out soon.

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