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Everything We Know About the Disney Treasure

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Collage of four images: a Disney Cruise Line ship at sea, a statue with two characters, an ornate bar interior, and a family dining at a vibrant restaurant while a musician performs.

Disney Cruise Line’s next ship, the Disney Treasure, will begin its maiden voyage on December 21, 2024. Before the new ship sets sail, let’s recap everything we know about the vessel.

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Disney Treasure Details & Theming

A large Disney Treasure cruise ship sails in open water under a partly cloudy sky.

The Disney Treasure is the same size, shape, and layout as the Disney Wish, which launched in 2022. The Treasure will have an adventure theme — not to be confused with the Disney Adventure, which launches in 2025.

A new adventurer character, Arthur Quinn, was introduced to make Disney Treasure announcements and may be incorporated into stories on the ship.

Minnie Mouse, dressed as an explorer, stands in front of a red curtain. Surrounding her are various Disney treasures and costumes, including a blue gown and her iconic red dress with white polka dots, along with a few props and shoes.

Captain Minnie has a new “Voyager” outfit for the Treasure. She rocks the outfit in a series of promotional videos for the ship.

Disney Treasure bow artwork filigree Captain Minnie medallion

Voyager Minnie is featured on the keel coin and the Disney Treasure’s bow.

A decorative banner reads "Disney Treasure Nassau," with figures of Captain Hook on the left and Peter Pan on the right.

The ship’s stern will feature larger-than-life Peter Pan and Captain Hook figures.

Artist rendering of a luxurious, multi-story atrium with ornate railings, a grand staircase, lavish chandelier, plush seating, and detailed carpeting. The setting evokes elegance and sophistication, reminiscent of the Disney Treasure experience.

Agrabah from “Aladdin” inspires the design of the Grand Hall. The space has dark blue and gold tones from the ceiling to the floor.

A golden statue of two characters riding a magic carpet, reminiscent of a Disney treasure, is displayed inside a building. The statue appears to be detailed and intricately designed.

The golden statue in the center features Aladdin and Jasmine riding the Magic Carpet. Foliage covers the carpet’s supports, making it appear to float.

Artist rendering of an ornate, multi-level indoor stage with a blue curtain, detailed architecture, and patterned carpeting. Inspired by Disney Treasure, the design includes balconies and seating with elaborate decor reminiscent of "Coco.

The Grand Hall will also have a balcony and stage for entertainment.

The ship’s theme song is “Live the Adventure.” It was written by Dewain Whitmore, Jr. and Chantry Johnson, produced by Brandon N. Caddell, and performed by Jordin Sparks. The song features lyrical and instrumental nods to “Aladdin.” It’s streaming on SpotifyApple Music, and Amazon Music.

The Disney Treasure will take 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruises out of Port Canaveral.


Plaza de Coco

disney treasure Plaza de Coco

New and unique to the Disney Treasure is Plaza de Coco, a theater-in-the-round entertainment venue and table-service dining restaurant inspired by Pixar’s “Coco.” It takes the space held by Arendelle: a Frozen Dining Adventure on the Disney Wish. It will feature a live Mariachi band, a foliage-covered ceiling, and “Coco” art. Plaza de Coco will serve traditional Mexican cuisine “with a modern twist.” Miguel and his family will appear for two different shows on different nights of the voyages.

A family of four enjoys a meal at a restaurant with vibrant, colorful decor inspired by Disney's "Coco," as lively dancers perform in the background, making it a true treasure of an experience.

On the first night, the story of Miguel and his familia will continue where it left off on screen as they gather in Mariachi Plaza to take guests on a colorful, music-filled journey that celebrates family memories and togetherness. On the second night, Miguel will reunite with his great-great grandparents, Hector and Mama Imelda, by transporting them to Santa Cecilia with the help of his magic guitar for a Día de los Muertos celebration.

A bowl with three pieces of fried food, garnished with green herbs and yellow corn, sits on a plate with a green cloth napkin underneath.

The Plaza de Coco menu includes:

  • Abuelita Elena Shrimp Diabla with chili-chipotle sauce, cilantro, pickled red onion, and toasted birotes
  • Chorizo Street Croquettes with chili-lime crema, cotija cheese, and cilantro
  • Blistered Poblano Pepper stuffed with Oaxaca cheese and green rice
  • Red Capsicum and Green Parsley Grilled Snapper with fried yucca, refried beans, baby spinach, and pico de Gallo
  • Pan-Seared Adobo Spiced Sea Bass with seared scallops, rainbow carrots, spinach, Romanesco, peas, and chimichurri sauce
  • Luisa’s Pollo Asado with Michoacán citrus chicken, cilantro rice, and serrano-tomatillo salsa
  • Enrique’s Port Wine Braised Center Cut Beef Short Rib with cheddar cheese and green onion red mash and long green beans with crisp shallots
  • Mexican Chocolate Tart with spiced chocolate crème, caramel pecan nuts, and chocolate glaze
  • Warm Coconut Tres Leches with milk-soaked coconut cake, caramel sauce, and dulce de leche ice cream
  • Margarita Lime Cheesecake with a sea salt shortbread and raspberry-agave margarita coulis

Worlds of Marvel

A person in a Spider-Man costume interacts with families seated at dining tables in a themed restaurant. The scene, reminiscent of the Worlds of Marvel, is vibrant with glowing colorful lights and futuristic decor.

The Worlds of Marvel restaurant that debuted on the Disney Wish will also be on the Disney Treasure. Like Plaza de Coco, it will offer two distinct shows on separate nights. These shows haven’t been confirmed but one will likely be “Quantum Encounter” — which is performed on the Disney Wish — and the other is titled “Marvel Celebration of Heroes: Groot Remix.”

The “Quantum Encounter” experience sees Ant-Man and The Wasp hosting a quantum technology showcase that goes wrong. Guests help the heroes by pressing buttons on the quantum core on their tables. Quantum core souvenirs are also available for purchase. Captain Marvel, Captain America (Sam Wilson), and Ms. Marvel also appear on screen during the show. Clips of Spider-Man were later added and Spider-Man walked the restaurant instead of Ant-Man and The Wasp.

dcl treasure groot worlds of marvel

Marvel Celebration of Heroes: Groot Remix” will feature Rocket and Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy. During this experience, diners will celebrate the super heroes who keep the world safe, as Groot takes over the party and brings it to the next level. There will be an “awesome mix” of hit songs from years past, and guests will have the chance to test their Marvel knowledge with family activities.

Like on the Disney Wish, Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Treasure will have a “worldly” menu inspired by different Marvel settings.

Read our review of Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Wish.


A spacious, elegantly decorated restaurant dining room with multiple tables set with white tablecloths, dark chairs, and ambient lighting, leading to a back area.

1923 is also a Disney Wish original. The more upscale restaurant is named for the year the Walt Disney Company was founded. It features artwork including sketches and concept renderings from various Disney films. It’s split into two dining rooms named after Walt Disney and Roy Disney.

Read our review of 1923 on the Disney Wish.

Adult Dining

A red rose under a glass dome, displayed atop a stack of books with a decorative key beside it, is positioned on a black surface. The wall features the name "The Rose" in ornate lettering, evoking the enchanting feel of a Disney wish come true.

The Disney Treasure’s adult dining venues include The Rose, Palo Steakhouse, and Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallament — also all from the Disney Wish.

Lounges, Bars, & Cafes


A spacious theater with a large screen displaying an image from The Lion King. The room, reminiscent of a Disney treasure, has rows of seating with a balcony above and decorative elements on the walls and ceiling. A majestic portrait of Sarabi graces one wall, adding to the enchanting atmosphere.

Sarabi is the central hub for daytime activities and adult-exclusive evening entertainment. It’s named for Simba’s mother in “The Lion King” and features orange and brown tones evoking the savanna. It’s a two-level theater space and the equivalent of Luna on the Wish.

Scat Cat Lounge

A woman plays a grand piano in a cozy bar with modern décor. The bar, reminiscent of an Aristocats scene, features several lounge chairs, two bartenders, and a neon sign that reads "Everybody wants to be a cat.

Scat Cat Lounge is a piano bar inspired by “The Aristocats.” As an extension of the Grand Hall, it will take design cues from the Agrabah-inspired architecture with a complementary color palette and curated décor.

A close-up of two glasses, one containing a cat figurine submerged in liquid and the other a clear liquid with an orange peel garnish.

The Scat Cat Lounge menu includes:

  • The Créme de la Créme Martini infused with cognac, chocolate, and a nutmeg topping
  • The Cat Drink with clarified bourbon, amaro, Aperol, and fresh lemon
  • The Turkish Tea Experience, a tea-based cocktail for two or more guests

Haunted Mansion Parlor

A dimly lit, ornate bar room features antique furniture, a large mirror behind the bar, chandeliers, and a green door on the left.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor is a bar/lounge and the “next chapter” in the Haunted Mansion lore. The space will use aesthetic theming from the Disneyland version of The Haunted Mansion. Iconic elements from the ride that will also appear in the parlor include the purple wallpaper and “Donald Duck” chair.

A dimly lit bar with several stools, a large mirror behind the counter, and various bottles of alcohol. Blue ghostly figures are visible in the mirror.

The bar takes the space occupied by Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge on the Wish, which has a screen behind the bar showing space scenes. Haunted Mansion Parlor concept art shows a mirror featuring the HitchhikingGhosts.

Other “legendary characters from Haunted Mansion attractions at Disney Parks around the world” will appear alongside new original characters. A portrait gallery features pieces mimicking the art styles used by Imagineers for the original attraction. The portraits will incorporate modern technology to allow the ghostly residents to entertain guests in new ways.

A weathered figure in a tattered, sea-themed outfit holds a spear, standing in front of a stormy sea with shipwrecked boats, reminiscent of ghostly tales from a haunted mansion parlor.

One portrait features The Mariner, a character created by Disney animator Marc Davis. The Mariner’s portrait has appeared in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, and Tokyo Disneyland. His story “will be taken to new depths” in the Haunted Mansion Parlor.

A digital portrait of a Black man in a blue military uniform with gold epaulettes, buttons, and a single star insignia, set against the backdrop of a haunted mansion parlor. He is holding a white-gloved hand near his chest. © Disney in the bottom right.

The Parlor will also the story of a sea captain “who entered the ghostly realm” following a dinner with his fiancée. The “good-humored” Captain is depicted in a distinguished portrait. According to the lore, “His lifelong dream of serving on a luxury ocean liner was cut short after his untimely demise, but his merry soul has lingered on in his private parlor.”

An animated character with green eyes and a neutral expression reclines on rocks wearing a long gown, holding purple flowers. A lighthouse is visible in the background against a cloudy sky, reminiscent of an eerie scene from a haunted mansion parlor.

The portrait of The Captain’s bride-to-be is inspired by Marc Davis’ “cat lady” portrait and the Haunted Mansion’s classic Bride character. It will flicker to reveal her true form and true intentions.

A purple mermaid with green hair and an owl-like headdress reclines on a rock. The sky is red, and there is a lighthouse in the distant background, giving the scene an eerie ambiance reminiscent of a haunted mansion parlor.

Tales of the doomed couple’s first encounter all began when The Captain received a dramatic distress transmission from another vessel. He wasted no time in altering his course to aid in the rescue, but as he neared the source of the call, he found only a mangled wreckage and a lone survivor – a woman floating amongst the debris. With bright green eyes, chestnut hair and a golden key hanging about her neck, it is no wonder that The Captain was immediately taken by her beauty. The pair became inseparable and were soon engaged to be wed. 

Haunted Mansion Parlor aquarium concept art

Other decorations include the “Aquarium with Ghost Fish.” This concept was first sketched out by Imagineer Rolly Crump for the Museum of the Weird. The Museum never came to be but some of Crump’s concepts were incorporated into the Haunted Mansion. The aquarium will finally come to life in the Haunted Mansion Parlor.

Blending nostalgia with a fresh layer of lore, the aquarium will fold into the curious backstory of the parlor’s former sea captain owner. Legends passed down from The Captain’s devoted crew recount how he was last seen heading to his parlor for a special meal prepared by his betrothed. All that remained after The Captain and his bride seemingly vanished was his hat, which was found floating in the aquarium tank. Perhaps his disappearance grants a new meaning to “fish food.”

Rolly Crump bust in Haunted Mansion Parlor

The Parlor will also pay homage to Crump via a Museum of the Weird-inspired bust of the late Imagineer.

Shruti Kumar composes an attraction-inspired arrangement for the venue.

Three elegant cocktails on a dark surface, one purple in a tall ornate glass with a straw, and two in shorter glasses, emitting a smoky effect.

The Parlor’s themed cocktails are:

  • Sympathetic Libations (non-alcoholic): Lyre’s Agave Blanco, Lyre’s Orange Sec, fresh lime juice, blood orange syrup, and sour cherry syrup topped with lime salt foam, a dried orange slice, and a sour cherry candy spray.
  • The Ghoulish Delights: ube shimmer glitter, tapioca pearls, oat milk, and ube fudge made of ube-sweetened condensed milk and powdered milk, topped with an eyeball-shaped gummy.
  • The Signature Beverage: 818 Añejo Tequila, Cointreau Noir Liqueur, blood orange syrup, and sour cherry syrup topped with lemon salt foam, cherry-flavored popping candy, and a secret message only visible through a black light.
Concept art and final 3D model of a statue named "The Mariner," depicting a fisherman in a heavy coat and hat, holding a rod with ropes coiled around his feet, perfect for adding an eerie touch to any haunted mansion parlor.

A series of souvenir tiki mugs will be exclusive to the Haunted Mansion Parlor. The first two in the series are inspired by The Mariner and The Captain’s Bride. The ceramic mugs are made to look like carved wooden planks of a ghost ship.

Skipper Society Lounge

People enjoying drinks and conversation in a warmly lit lounge or bar. The room, adorned with Disney treasures and various memorabilia, creates a nostalgic ambiance with photos on the wall.

The Skipper Society lounge is inspired by the Jungle Cruise. It will take the space occupied by The Bayou on the Disney Wish and feature many references to the Disney Parks ride. The plants in the Skipper Society will be the same foliage species from the Disneyland attraction. The vintage-style luggage behind the bar is plastered with travel stickers representing different Jungle Cruise locations, including the backside of water.

People are seated and talking in a cozy, warmly-lit tropical-themed bar with wooden decor and a leafy canopy above. A waitress, dressed like she stepped out of a Disney treasure, is serving guests amidst a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

The green and red tones of the attraction building in Magic Kingdom are used for the walls of the Skipper Society. The bar is meant to look like it’s inside a Jungle Cruise boat, which Imagineers dubbed the “Ems Empress” after the Ems River where the Treasure made its first voyage to sea. An “Ems Empress” sign will hang in the venue. The lounge’s audio loop will include spiels from Jungle Cruise attractions around the world in English, Dutch, French, Cantonese, and more.

The Periscope Pub

A group of people sit and converse at a bar with a steampunk aesthetic, enjoying drinks while bartenders serve in the background, as if they've stumbled upon a hidden Disney treasure.

The Periscope Pub is inspired by Disney’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” The interior is inspired by a submarine and will include a “look at the watery world below through an intriguing glass ceiling.” The Periscope Pub will serve craft brews, light bites, and undersea-inspired drinks, including three exclusive tap beers inspired by “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” It occupies the spot taken up by Keg & Compass on the Wish.

Easter eggs in the Periscope Pub will include various artifacts, drawings, and books used by Captain Nemo. Hidden numbers will be behind the bar on a large submarine pressure gauge. These honor the geographical coordinates of Meyer Werft shipyard (where the Disney Treasure was built) and the hull numbers of each Disney Cruise Line ship.

Jade Cricket Cafe

The Jade Cricket Café will be inspired by “Mulan.” A jade sculpture of Cri-Kee will be on the bar top. It will include other nods to “Mulan” like a moon gate, plum blossom flowers on blue walls, and metallic counters inspired by Mulan’s armor.

Heihei Cafe

Heihei Cafe, inspired by “Moana,” will reflect the scalloped seashells and reflective blue waters of the Southern Pacific. Furniture will include nods to a traditional construction technique used by Polynesian people to craft seafaring vessels.

Jumbeaux’s Sweets

People enjoying their time in a brightly colored candy shop with pink walls and counters, surrounded by cartoon character decorations, reminiscent of Jumbeaux's whimsical charm.

The Treasure’s ice cream shop will be Jumbeaux’s Sweets inspired by the cafe in “Zootopia.” It features pink interiors and Victorian-style architecture. Life-size statues of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps will be in the sweets shop, sharing a sundae.

Close-up of red paw-shaped cookies with white frosting on wooden sticks, arranged on a white plate.

Jumbeaux’s Sweets will serve over 20 flavors of handmade gelato, 16 flavors of ice cream and sorbets, candies, and other specialty treats, including:

  • Judy Hopps Carrot Cupcake with spiced carrot cake, dollops of lemon frosting, white chocolate crème, and blueberry compote
  • Nick Wilde Raspberry ‘n Cream Cupcake with red velvet sponge cake, vanilla frosting, white chocolate crème, raspberry compote, and a chocolate décor topping
  • Paw Shortbread Sandwich with two paw-shaped red velvet shortbread cookies, vanilla frosting, and dulce de leche
  • Mango Leopard Cakesicle with lemon fudge cake and a mango-chocolate glaze drizzle
  • Carrot Chocolate-Covered Strawberries with cookie crumble soil and a white chocolate coating
  • Zootopia Chocolate Bark Post Cards with a distinct character-inspired decoration and flavor combination including an assortment of dry fruits, nuts, and sprinkles


Actors perform a ballroom dance scene in an ornate, stage production. One actor, dressed as a beast, holds a woman in a yellow dress reminiscent of Disney treasure while others, adorned in period attire, look on from the background.

The Disney Treasure’s Broadway-style stage productions will include the pre-existing “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventures” shows. Pirate night will feature music and fireworks during the Pirate’s Rockin’ Parlay Party on the upper decks.

‘Disney The Tale of Moana’

A theatrical stage performance with actors in colorful costumes, featuring a tropical-themed set reminiscent of Moana, with intricate designs, greenery, and dramatic lighting. An attentive audience is visible at the bottom, captivated by this Disney treasure.

New to the Treasure is “Disney The Tale of Moana.” This is the ship’s third Broadway-style show to be performed in the Walt Disney Theatre. The show “will follow Moana as she embarks on an incredible journey to save her island after she is chosen by the ocean to restore the heart of Te Fiti.” It will begin in modern-day Motonui with the spirit of Gramma Tala narrating Moana’s story.

The show will incorporate songs from “Moana,” including “You’re Welcome,” “We Know The Way,” and “How Far I’ll Go.” Moana and Maui will also perform “Warrior Face,” which was cut from the final film but included as a demo on the deluxe soundtrack. During the song, Maui teaches Moana to face her fears before entering the Realm of Monsters.

Concept art for Disney The Tale of Moana on Disney Treasure

The opening scene of the ocean choosing Moana will be told “through vibrant dance and songs in a mix of languages including Tuvaluan, Tokelauan, and Samoan.” The “How Far I’ll Go” number will see the theatre transform into the open ocean with stars overhead and the giant glowing manta ray spirit of Gramma Tala soaring above the audience.

Large characters like Te Kā will be portrayed using puppets.


A woman and child glide through an enclosed tunnel on an aquamouse raft, marveling at the animated Egyptian-themed graphics on the walls. The experience, part of Disney Treasure, is a mesmerizing water adventure that brings ancient Egypt to life.

The AquaMouse debuted on the Disney Wish as the “first attraction at sea.” The Disney Treasure version will have a new story, “Curse of the Golden Egg, following Mickey and Minnie on a “zany misadventure into an ancient temple for a glimpse of the legendary treasure within.”

Kids Clubs

Disney’s Oceaneer Club for children ages 3-12 will include the same sections as the Wish: Marvel Super Hero Academy, Fairytale Hall, Walt Disney Imagineering Lab, Star Wars: Cargo Bay, and Mickey and Minnie Captain’s Deck.

Disney Treasure will also have teen clubs Edge and Vibe, and the “it’s a small world” Nursery.


A well-lit stateroom on the Disney Treasure featuring a large bed with white linens, a decorative headboard, a sofa, a TV displaying "Disney Treasure," and a balcony with a stunning ocean view.

The Treasure has 1,256 staterooms. 90% are outside rooms. 948 have verandahs and 185 are oceanview. There are 123 inside staterooms. 451 rooms offer connecting doors. Most will feature the split-bath concept.

A small, modern Disney Treasure stateroom featuring a double bed, a bunk bed with a ladder, a sofa, a wall-mounted TV, and a wooden desk with a mirror. Ceiling and wall artwork add decorative touches.

Standard staterooms will feature artwork inspired by “Aladdin,” “Encanto,” “Up,” and “Pocahontas.” The design of the rooms will “strike an inviting balance between modern design and nostalgic charm with a fresh, natural color scheme and custom artwork that will entice guests to peer beyond their staterooms into fantastical worlds from heartwarming Disney adventures.”

A well-lit hotel room with a large bed, matching nightstands, and a decorative headboard featuring a giraffe and savanna scene, reminiscent of Disney Treasure Staterooms. The spacious window offers a captivating view outside, while the room also includes ample storage and comfortable seating areas.
A modern living room reminiscent of Disney Treasure staterooms, featuring a round dining table, four chairs, a light fixture, a lamp, a mirror, and a window with curtains.

Concierge suites will be inspired by the majestic grasslands of “The Lion King.” Artwork and mosaics with an amber and green color scheme are “reminiscent of soft, mid-morning sunlight reflecting over the savannah.” Concierge guests have access to a lounge and private sun deck.

A modern hotel room with a large bed, decorative lighting, a cushioned chair, a vanity desk with a mirror, and geometric patterned walls and floor that echo the charm of Disney Treasure Staterooms.
Bagheera Royal Suite
Elegant dining room with a round wooden table, six chairs, contemporary chandelier, spiral staircase, art on the walls, and large windows with views outside. The floor is covered with a patterned rug that brings to mind the charm of a Disney treasure.
Bagheera Royal Suite

There will be four royal suites. Two are the Bagheera Royal Suites, inspired by the panther of “The Jungle Book.”

Luxury hotel room with a large bed, decorative pillows, elegant lighting, plush purple chairs, and a vanity desk with a mirror. The room has a sophisticated, modern design with intricate details reminiscent of Disney treasure.
Rajah Royal Suite
A modern dining room with a circular table, teal velvet chairs, a chandelier, and a vibrant decorative painting exudes an opulence reminiscent of Disney Treasure staterooms. The room features ornate decor elements and a mix of contemporary and luxurious furnishings.
Rajah Royal Suite
A luxurious bathroom reminiscent of the elegance found in Disney Treasure staterooms, featuring a freestanding tub, walk-in shower, double sink vanity, and ornate blue tile accents. Large windows offer a scenic view, and a chandelier hangs from the ceiling.
Rajah Royal Suite

The other two are the Rajah Royal Suites, inspired by Jasmine’s tiger companion.

A young boy and a large bear are in a lush jungle setting, surrounded by dense foliage and ancient ruins with inscriptions. The scene appears lively and sunlit.
A tiger character is lounging on a stone structure in a dense jungle with lush vegetation and ruins.
Illustration of a tiger sitting amidst flowers and leaves, framed within an archway. Measurements are indicated for height, width, and tile border thickness.

Disney Cruise Line shared a look at some “The Jungle Book” and “Aladdin” room art.

A cozy bedroom in the Disney Treasure features bunk beds, a wall-mounted TV displaying a Disney channel, and a dresser. The ceiling is adorned with star patterns.

Disney Cruise Line drew inspiration from EPCOT for the Tomorrow Tower Suite. The 2,000-square-foot suite is located in the ship’s forward funnel. It has a private ensuite elevator and a full kitchen. It sleeps up to eight guests.

Modern bathroom with a freestanding bathtub, double sinks, large mirrors, and a glass-enclosed shower reminiscent of the luxurious Disney Treasure Tomorrow Tower Suite.

Embracing the adventures of the future, the Tomorrow Tower Suite will capture the same forward-thinking mindset that inspired the Walt Disney World Resort theme park, EPCOT, with an energetic design. Throughout the suite, dynamic art pieces, molten metal accents and futuristic, colorful glass accents will evoke the distinct atmosphere of EPCOT’s World Discovery neighborhood. Set high in the ship’s forward funnel, this one-of-a-kind suite will overlook the top deck of the Disney Treasure and glimpse the open horizon through an expansive two-story window.

A modern, upscale living area with a white spiral staircase, contemporary furniture, a large abstract chandelier, and airy floor-to-ceiling windows – the perfect setting for a tomorrow tower suite in the luxurious Disney Treasure.

The unique suite includes hidden Figments from Journey Into Imagination.

A sculpture at the base of the suite’s spiral staircase is inspired by Spaceship Earth. It will “bring the spirit of EPCOT to life” when guests enter with music and lighting effects.


A collage of three haunted house-themed artifacts: a glowing green ghostly portrait, a lidded decorative box, and a clock with green glowing eyes, all with an antique aesthetic.

There will be a series of Haunted Mansion Parlor merchandise. A mirror features the ghostly green images of the Hitchhiking Ghosts appearing and disappearing. The music box is inspired by a music box that will be displayed in the Parlor. Stories say the mysterious box once belonged to the Captain’s bride-to-be and only opens in the presence of malevolent spirits. And a desk-sized clock is inspired by the grandfather clock from the original Haunted Mansion.

Two intricately designed round containers with lids partially open, each revealing a circular container inside. The left container has a blue label, and the right container has a purple label, reminiscent of hidden Disney treasures waiting to be discovered.

The Sea Trinkets Collection is inspired by all three of the ship’s main bars/lounges. Each porcelain coaster in this set features a different graphic inspired by the Haunted Mansion Parlor, Skipper Society Lounge, or Periscope Pub. The set comes encased by a three-dimensional, barnacle-encrusted box.

Disney Treasure mixology accessories

A matching mixology set comes inside a sea-worn box with a sculpted adventurers’ compass. The mixology accessories include a key featuring a Jungle Cruise boat, a bottle opener resembling the Haunted Mansion’s door knocker, and a “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”-inspired bottle stopper featuring a vintage diving helmet.

Nautilus and giant squid planter

This ceramic bronze planter is shaped like the Nautilus submarine caught in the tentacles of the giant squid.

scuba helmet and squid decor

Another decor piece has giant squid tentacles wrapped around a vintage scuba helmet. A glass sits inside the bronze decoration.

S.E.A. journal

A notebook inspired by “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” features a dark brown leather cover embossed with a giant squid. A bronze key shaped like a ship’s wheel holds the journal closed.

S.E.A. jewelry set

This jewelry set comes in a wooden treasure box. It includes a necklace with the S.E.A. logo on the handle of a key-shaped pendant. The mismatched earrings resemble a star and a ship’s wheel.

Castaway Club

During the inaugural season of the Disney Treasure, Castaway Club members who sail on the ship will receive special gifts.

A white and blue bag with "Disney Treasure Maiden Voyage" printed on it, surrounded by a decorative frame with a compass design in the corner.

Silver Castaway Club members (completed one sailing) will receive a backpack (or “sea bag”) featuring the Disney Treasure and golden lettering.

Two bags with Disney Treasure Maiden Voyage designs. One is white and blue with a drawstring top, and the other is a navy blue zipper pouch labeled 'Castaway Club.' Both bags are placed on a map background.

Gold members (completed five sailings) will receive a blue wet-dry bag with the backpack.

Three Disney Treasure Castaway Club items: a drawstring bag, a towel with circular graphics, and a zippered pouch, all labeled "Maiden Voyage.

Platinum members (completed 10 sailings) receive the backpack, wet-dry bag, and a towel that doubles as a game. It includes pucks featuring the Disney Treasure wordmark and Mickey heads.

A collection of Disney Treasure themed merchandise, including bags and a towel, arranged on a textured background with a nautical motif.

Pearl members (completed 25 sailings) receive all of the above plus a travel accessory bag featuring Captain Minnie and Mickey.

  • Silver: After completing 1 sailing
  • Gold: After completing 5 sailings
  • Platinum: After completing 10 sailings
  • Pearl: After completing 25 sailings

Disney Cruise Line now requires members sail at least once every 5 years to maintain their Castaway Club status.

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