REVIEW: $50 Cocktails and More Surprises at The Rose Aboard the Disney Wish

Eric Morton

A composite of cocktails and views in The Rose aboard the Disney Wish

REVIEW: $50 Cocktails and More Surprises at The Rose Aboard the Disney Wish

As the newest addition to Disney Cruise Line’s fleet, the Disney Wish promises to offer guests an unparalleled vacation experience, and The Rose bar is no exception. Inspired by the classic tale of “Beauty and the Beast,” The Rose bar is a beautifully designed venue that transports guests to the enchanted world found in the storybook.

The Rose 4 composite 2

With its ornate furnishings, rose-themed decor, and signature cocktails, The Rose is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to enjoy a night of sophisticated drinks and entertainment. Far from the more bustling common areas of the ship, it’s worth a trip for the panoramic views and delicious cocktails. Join us as we explore The Rose and share our thoughts on this enchanting bar aboard the Disney Wish. It can be found on Deck 12, aft.

Interior of The Rose

The designers wanted to transport guests to the world of “Beauty and the Beast.” The bar is adorned with luxurious details, such as plush velvet seating, intricate woodwork, and interesting overhead embellishments in the shape of roses. Opposite the bar is a large bank of windows looking out to the port side of the ship. The use of indirect lighting is prevalent, including lighting under the bar and behind trim. Behind the bar is a large glass panel with cascading rose petals suspended within. The presentation is continued, as petals also adorn the surface of the bar below.

Lovely embellishments make roses on the ceiling at The Rose aboard the Disney Wish.
The bar and velvet-lined seats at The Rose aboard the Disney Wish
Rose petals cascade in an artistic glass wall panel behind the bar at The Rose.

One unique aspect of this lounge is that it is the shared bar between two upscale restaurants, Enchanté and Palo Steakhouse. Despite the shared space, The Rose has a distinct ambiance that sets it apart from the neighboring dining venues aboard the Disney Wish. The bar area is spacious and open, with plenty of seating for guests to enjoy a drink or two before or after their meal.

Enchanté’s French-inspired decor blends seamlessly with The Rose’s elegant atmosphere, creating a sense of refinement and sophistication. Meanwhile, Palo Steakhouse’s theme differs from the Palo decor you may be accustomed to from other Disney Cruise Line ships, but still adds a touch of warmth to the space, with shining wood and steel accents that suggest luxury with a hint of steampunk, with clockwork decor. Just as The Rose is a nod to the famous enchanted flower from the tale, Enchanté and Palo Steakhouse have decor that suggests Lumiere and his pal Cogsworth, respectively. Three spaces are united in a theme that may not be obvious unless you experience all three. There are some legitimate criticisms of the design of the Disney Wish, including the theme often being disrupted (seeing and hearing Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge from The Bayou comes to mind), but this is one area where the storytelling is distinct from its surroundings, blending reality and fantasy into a delightful theme.

Overall, The Rose offers a stunning and immersive environment for guests to enjoy a drink, whether they’re on a romantic date or catching up with friends. We found it to be particularly pleasant in the afternoons, before the room filled with dinner guests. For the purposes of this review, we made multiple visits to The Rose on multiple voyages.


The menu at The Rose

The menu at The Rose is simple and elegant. There are 9 signature cocktails, and a number of red and white wines, with an even deeper selection of champagne. There is also an ample collection of rare bourbons and other spirits for those who don’t wish to drink Belle’s favorites. The menu has a few highlights, so we will focus on a few of them:

The Rose Cocktail – $50

Komos Reposado Rosa, Grand Marnier Cuvee Louis Alexandre, Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé

A bartender removes the glass dome from The Rose, releasing smoke. The Rose is the signature cocktail of The Rose aboard the Disney Wish.

If the price of this cocktail doesn’t get your attention, the presentation will. While far from the most expensive (or most bloggable) drink aboard the Disney Wish, at $50, it is enough to raise most eyebrows. The cocktail requires extensive preparation, and is served in tall stemware under a glass dome with a wooden base, and the stage is finally set with a long stem rose laid on the bar. The glass dome is filled with smoke, before the dome is dramatically removed to reveal your very expensive and very delicious drink.

The final product, The Rose cocktail, sits on a wooden base as the smoke clears

Komos Reposado Rosa is a celebrated tequila, Grand Marnier Cuvee Louis Alexandre, which is an elevated Grand Marnier, retails for around double the price of their more popular Cordon Rouge product. Finally Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rosé, a champagne that often retails for over $300 per bottle, completes the symphony. Not listed in the menu is an edible hibiscus flower soaked in syrup and dropped to the bottom of the glass. While expensive, the ingredients combine for a fantastic taste that is well balanced with a sophisticated feel.

Mrs. Tea – $20

SelvaRey White, Belvedere Pear & Ginger, Pique Passion Fruit Green Tea, Moët Imperial Rosé

The Mrs. Tea cocktail evokes memories of Mrs. Potts, presented with a teapot and glass.

Mrs. Tea is another cocktail with a fairly elaborate presentation. The drink is presented in a teapot, reminiscent of Mrs. Potts from the “Beauty and the Beast” franchise. Don’t worry, it’s not served “piping hot”. It is topped off with a crisp bit of bubbly to make a delightful and refreshing cocktail. Others have reported being given a small bottle of the champagne to top off as-needed, but in our case, it was poured from a larger bottle.

Mrs. Tea is topped off with Moët champagne

Royal Wedding – $20

Buckingham Palace Dry Gin, Fog Point Vodka, Lillet Blanc

The Royal Wedding cocktail, served in a martini style glass

Fog Point vodka is interesting, as it is distilled using water from “fog catchers” in the San Francisco Bay area, and only 2400 bottles were produced. This limited run would seem to indicate this recipe is likely to change soon if it has not already. Lillet Blanc is a sweet, floral apertif that gives a hint of honey and orange to this cocktail, which is presented in a martini glass. It’s smooth and easy, with citrus notes lingering in the mouth. Not to disappoint, but no special fog notes were detected.

The Rose Royal Wedding 2

Plant & Fleurs – $16

Grey Goose VX, Vanderpump Rosé, Blackberry

The various stages of the Plant & Fleurs cocktail, as the smoke filled bubble it is topped with is popped, sending smoke in all directions

Grey Goose VX is vodka blended with a small amount of cognac. The overall blend with the other ingredients makes for a delicious drink with a fun presentation. A bubble is formed, and then burst by dropping a special flower onto it.

Sweet Rose – $15

Empress 1908, Cointreau, Grapefruit

The lavender hues of the Sweet Rose, which is a frosty, creamy cocktail topped with coconut flakes

There is more to this beautiful drink than is listed on the menu, including the addition of some coconut flakes (you can see them if you look closely at the ice cubes). The creamy lavender hue is thanks to the Empress 1908 gin, known for its distinctive look. It looks lovely and tastes even better. This is not normally a drink I would order for myself, as someone who tends to stay away from, well, most of these ingredients. However, it turned out to be one of the highlights of the visit. Perfection.

Mon Capitaine – $14

Dos Madeiras, Galliano, Chartreuse

The disappointing Mon Capitaine, presented with a rose shaped ice cube at The Rose

In the interest of full disclosure, we were warned that this was not one of the favorite drinks at this bar. But being foolish bloggers, we felt obligated to get it anyway. We drew straws. I drew the short one. Yuck. This drink tasted like punishment. Adding this to the possible penalties a judge can issue would end crime in America.

Crazy Old Fashion – $14

Woody Creek, Bonne Maman Intense Cherry

The Crazy Old Fashion is a bright red take on an Old Fashioned

True to its name, this one is a bit crazy, but inoffensive. The Maman Intense Cherry is not some sort of liqueur. It’s fruit spread mixed in with the bourbon. We didn’t dislike it, but it wasn’t a favorite. If you want a good Old Fashioned, try the multiple selections at Hook’s Barbery.

Monkey Spritzer – $18

Monkey 47, Cointreau Blood Orange, Cranberry, Evian Lemon Ginger

The refreshing Monkey Spritzer, served in a long stem glass with berries

This drink screams “refreshing” when you look at it, and it delivers. Another gin cocktail, this one may make you wish you were poolside, despite the amazing ocean views from the bar.

Rocher – $16

Tanqueray Ten, Port Tawny 10 Years, Barolo Chinato, Chocolate Bitters

The light brown Rocher, served in an expensive martini glass

There’s a lot going on here. While not unpleasant, it was in the lower tier of the cocktail menu. We felt the chocolate bitters might have been better in the Crazy Old Fashion.


Cocktail Menu Recap

In general, we really enjoyed the fantastic and thoughtful cocktail menu. While it’s a bit heavy on different types of gin, it mixes enough different types of gin with enough different types of wine and spirits that it doesn’t get old. As stated earlier, there is also a decent selection of bourbons, though beer selection is less robust. Overall, these drinks were an incredible experience, and the atmosphere is classy, but laid back.

One quick note: We were really impressed with the heavy, high-quality glassware for a number of the drinks. It turns out they spared no expense here, with Cristofle Graphik crystal martini and old fashioned glasses, which you can pick up for around $155 per glass.

Final Thoughts

The Rose is a delightful bar with a good theme, great cocktails, and fantastic bartenders. We can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed spending time with the experienced and friendly Cast Members, who made sure to add a little bit of magic to our trip. Unless you have reservations at Enchanté or Palo Steakhouse, this one is likely to slide off of your radar. That would be a shame, as it’s one of the best cocktail experiences offered onboard the Disney Wish.


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