Two images of hand-held headbands with animal-themed designs: a pink pig headband on the left and a gray koala headband on the right, displayed in a store.

New ‘Sing’ Headbands Arrive at Universal Orlando Resort

Miranda S

New “Sing” headbands featuring Rosita and Buster Moon are now available at Universal Orlando Resort. We found these new items in Universal Studios Store at CityWalk.

Buster Moon Headband – $22

A hand holding a gray koala ear headband with fluffy ears and a black nose against a wooden display shelf background.

This fluffy gray and blue headband depicts the face and large ears of Buster Moon. Buster’s blue eyes and black nose are situated in the top center of the item. His nose hangs down slightly over the opening of the headband. A tuft of hair is centered directly above his nose.

Buster’s large gray ears stick out of the sides of the headband. Hair sprouts from the top of them. Beneath Buster’s ears, the outside of the headband becomes a less fluffy blue material. The entire inside of the headband is gray.

A person holds up a fluffy, light grey headband with large soft ears and blue inner lining in a store. Shelves with various other headbands and stuffed toys are visible in the background.

The back of the headband is gray, and the bottom portion is blue just like the front. No hair sprouts from the back of Buster’s ears.

Rosita Headband – $22

A person holds up a pink, pig-themed plush headband with a snout and ears, displayed in front of other various animal-themed headbands on a wooden shelf.

The top of the Rosita headband is pink. Her floppy ears droop down off the top of her head. Between her ears, her two small blue eyes sit above her pink snout. The snout sticks out from the rest of the headband.

Halfway down the headband, the outside of color changes from pink to black with sparkles. This sparkly design resembles Rosita’s outfit from her performance in “Sing”. The inside of the headband is pink all the way around.

A hand holding a pink headband with black ears in a store display surrounded by various plush toys and headbands.

The back of the headband mimics the same design as the front without Rosita’s face. The top of the headband is pink and sits above a black section loaded with sparkles.

These new Rosita and Buster Moon headbands have arrived at Universal Orlando Resort just in time to see the “Sing” characters in the Universal Mega Movie Parade.

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