New Star Wars Merchandise Available at Walt Disney World

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Three clothing items on display: left, a black "Star Wars" jacket; top right, a blue long-sleeve shirt with a "Yoda" graphic; bottom right, a red and black jacket featuring a "Darth Vader" design. Perfect additions to your Star Wars merchandise collection from Walt Disney World.

New Star Wars Merchandise Available at Walt Disney World

New Star Wars merchandise has arrived at Walt Disney World, including a letterman jacket, a backpack, a Grogu Spirit Jersey, and more.

Star Wars Merchandise

Display of Star Wars merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, jackets, and backpacks in a store at Walt Disney World.

The new Star Wars merchandise can be found at World of Disney and Star Wars Galactic Outpost in Disney Springs. The backpack, letterman jacket, and white-pressed shirt are available at both locations.

Youth Grogu Spirit Jersey – $54.99

WDW Star Wars Collection Youth Grogu Spirit Jersey 2

This is the same Spirit Jersey that has been available at Disneyland Resort since the end of June.

The front of this blue Spirit Jersey features Grogu eating a blue macaron. Three thought bubbles and a dialogue box sprout from the top of his head. The white dialogue box reads “Nom Nom”, while the thought bubbles depict different foods that he likes to eat. These foods include a green Sorgan frog, a bitten blue macaron, and a bowl of Trask Chowder.

“Star Wars” appears in white on a black patch at the bottom of the shirt.

A blue shirt on a hanger with the text "I'M JUST HERE FOR THE SNACKS" printed in large white letters on the back, reminiscent of whimsical style found in Walt Disney World.

“I’m Just Here for the Snacks” stretches across the shoulders on the back of the shirts. The words are white with a black outline.

Backpack – $39.99

A black backpack with the "Star Wars" logo on the front, a prime piece of Star Wars merchandise, is displayed on a shelf.

This black backpack features an embroidered “Star Wars” logo on the bottom of the small front pocket. A gray “Star Wars” tag hangs off the zipper pull. A gray strip with “Star Wars” in black runs across the top of the front pocket zipper.

Person holding up a black backpack in a retail store, with several other backpacks and products on display in the background. Among the items, there's a notable collection of Star Wars merchandise, perfect for any fan planning their next trip to Walt Disney World.

There is no additional design on the back or side of the backpack or the backpack straps. All of these sections are simply black.

WDW Star Wars Collection Backpack and Laptop Sleeve 11

The inside of the backpack features a laptop sleeve. Like the rest of the backpack, the inside is black.

Embroidered Shirt – $39.99

A black T-shirt with the "Star Wars" logo embossed on the chest, displayed on a hanger among other Star Wars merchandise in a retail store. Other graphic tees and store displays are visible in the background.

This black item features “Star Wars” embroidered into the center of the chest. The words are the same color as the shirt, but they do feature a monochromatic striped pattern that allows for improved visibility. There is no design on the back of the shirt.

Letterman Jacket – $99.99

A black "Star Wars" jacket, part of the exclusive Star Wars merchandise, is displayed on a rack in a store. The jacket features a zip-up front with the "Star Wars" logo embroidered on the chest. White t-shirts hang on another rack in the background, reminiscent of what you might find at Walt Disney World.

The letterman jacket takes a similar minimalist approach as the embroidered shirt. The entire jacket is black, including the “Star Wars” logo embroidered on the left side of the zipper. The middle wool section of the jacket has two pockets on either side of the zipper. The sleeves are black leather.

A black jacket featuring the "Star Wars" logo, part of the latest Star Wars merchandise collection, displayed on a clothing rack among other jackets and shirts in Walt Disney World.

The back of the jacket has a large “Star Wars” logo embroidered in the upper center portion of the jacket. The letters have a monochromatic lined design similar to the embroidered shirt, which allows for the letters to stand out against the rest of the item.

White Pressed Shirt – $39.99

A white T-shirt with an embossed "STAR WARS" logo, part of the exclusive Star Wars Merchandise collection, is displayed on a hanger in a store.

Another minimalist item, the exterior of this pressed shirt is completely white. “Star Wars” bubbles out from the center of the chest area.

White fabric with raised, four circular buttons and partially visible raised "Star Wars" text. Perfect for any fan of Star Wars merchandise available at Walt Disney World.

Four buttons bubble out from the bottom of the shirt. There is no design on the back of this item.

Darth Vader Collared Shirt – $64.99

A grey button-up shirt with a small printed pattern hangs on a rack beside shelves displaying various Star Wars merchandise.

This gray short-sleeved button-down features numerous images of Darth Vader’s black helmet. The pattern is present all over the shirt, including on the sleeves, the front chest pocket, and the collar. The bottom of the shirt has a black “Darth Vader” patch.

Darth Vader Youth Letterman Jacket – $59.99

A child's red and black Star Wars jacket with a Darth Vader emblem on the front, displayed on a hanger in a store. The jacket has grey accents and Star Wars Merchandise tags attached. Perfect for any young fan after an adventurous day at Walt Disney World.

This youth item is red, with a gray area separating the center of the jacket from the black sleeves. A red patch, outlined in white and black, features Darth Vader’s helmet. The jacket’s front pockets are black and gray. A black “Darth Vader” patch is next to the left pocket.

The cuffs of the sleeves feature red and gray stripes. These same colors can be found along the bottom of the jacket and on the collar. Unlike the adult letterman jacket which has leather sleeves, this item’s sleeves are the same wool material as the rest of the jacket.

A red and black jacket featuring Darth Vader and stormtroopers from Star Wars, with "Darth Vader" written in bold letters. This piece of Star Wars merchandise is displayed on a hanger in a store within Walt Disney World.

The back of the jacket features a large Darth Vader with one fist in the air. The Death Star sits near Darth Vader’s heart and is surrounded by white stars. Three stormtroopers pose at the bottom of Darth Vader’s body. “Darth Vader” is embroidered beneath the image.

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