New Art of Animation Merchandise Debuts With Spirit Jersey, Tervis Tumbler, and More

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Collage of Disney's Art of Animation Resort merchandise: a colorful sweater with character designs, a travel tumbler featuring a cartoon character, and a hand holding a resort-themed keychain.

New Art of Animation Merchandise Debuts With Spirit Jersey, Tervis Tumbler, and More

A new Art of Animation merchandise collection has arrived, featuring a Spirit Jersey, Tervis Tumbler, and more.

A retail display features "Ink & Paint" Disney merchandise, including T-shirts on mannequins, collectible mugs, and coloring books that celebrate the art of animation. Shoppers are visible in the colorful background.

We found the new collection in the Ink & Paint Shop, located in the main lobby building, along with the Landscape of Flavors food court.

New Art of Animation Merchandise Collection

Spirit Jersey – $79.99

A white and colorful long-sleeve shirt from the New Art of Animation Collection hangs on a rack. The top portion is plain white with a small pocket design, while the bottom features various animated character prints and patterns.

The newest Art of Animation Spirit Jersey is white. The bottom half of the shirt has a pattern of the various character art featured around the resort, as pictured below.


The resort features art in different stages of completion and mediums, centering around characters from Disney and Pixar films. Various areas of the resort are focused on different films, such as guest rooms themed to “The Little Mermaid,” “Cars,” “The Lion King,” and more.

The Spirit Jersey includes Simba, Lightning McQueen, and Ariel.

A white sweatshirt inspired by the Art of Animation, showcasing four art tools—an eraser, a marker, a paintbrush, and a pencil. The bottom half features various animated characters, making it a perfect blend of creativity and comfort.

On the front left breast is a bouquet of art tools commonly used in hand-drawn animation, including paintbrushes and pens.

WDW Art of Animation merch collection July 2024 8

The back of the Spirit Jersey features the Disney’s Art of Animation Resort text logo in multicolor.

Ariel Ornament – $29.99

A person holds a Disney ornament featuring a red-haired mermaid with a film reel showing animation sketches from the Art of Animation. There is a warning tag attached.

A new ornament (amidst a flurry of new ornaments at Walt Disney World) brings the resort home with Ariel seated behind an animation desk. An artist, whose pencil rests on the edge, has left a sketch of Ariel in various stages of completion with the resort logo below.

Coloring Set – $19.99

A Disney-themed coloring set featuring characters from various animations, including Nemo, Simba, and Ariel. The set includes a coloring sheet and several crayons, all displayed in packaging inspired by the New Art of Animation style.

A new coloring set designed to look like an animation desk comes with character coloring sheets and six crayons.

Nemo Tervis Tumbler – $34.99

A person holding a blue-lidded Tervis Tumbler featuring a cartoon clownfish and the text "ANIMATED CATCH" on an orange tiled floor background.

The new Art of Animation Tervis Tumbler is Nemo-centric, featuring the clownfish himself in color beneath the resort logo. The cup is a translucent blue.

A hand holding a clear blue Tervis Tumbler with a cartoon fish design on it, against a brightly lit retail store background with red-orange flooring and product displays, captures the whimsical essence of the Art of Animation.

Dory is also in color to Nemo’s right. Other characters, including Crush and Squirt, are depicted in white.

Beach Towel – $29.99

A Tervis Tumbler from Disney's Art of Animation Resort showcases characters from "Finding Nemo," including Nemo, Marlin, and Dory, with a blue border and the resort's name in colorful text.

Another item starring Nemo is a new beach towel. It’s white with blue edges. The Disney’s Art of Animation Resort logo sits above various sketches of Nemo in different poses.

Magnet – $12.99

Close-up of a hand holding a colorful "Disney's Art of Animation Resort" sticker, with a vibrant Spirit Jersey and Tervis Tumbler in the background.

A new magnet has a cloud-esque border with the resort logo in multicolor.

Ariel T-shirt – $39.99

A pink t-shirt featuring a graphic of The Little Mermaid with the text "Disney's The Animation Academy - The Little Mermaid - Walt Disney World" is displayed in a store, alongside an exclusive Spirit Jersey collection.

A pink fitted tee highlights Ariel in the center below the resort logo. To her right is “Make Some Waves,” and she is surrounded by black sketch-style drawings of Flounder, Sebastian, and more.

Blue T-shirt – $39.99

A blue Spirit Jersey with "Disney's Art of Animation Resort" text displayed on a clothing rack inside a store.

A straight-cut tee in monochromatic blues is also available, with the wordmark in deep blue against a lighter background.

Youth Nemo T-shirt – $26.99

A white T-shirt with blue trim hangs on a rack. It features an illustration of colorful fish from a Disney movie and text that reads "See you in the Big Blue" and "Disney's Art of Animation Resort." This design embodies the whimsical charm found throughout the Spirit Jersey line.

In youth sizes only is a white Nemo ringer t-shirt with blue trim. It features the same art as the Tervis tumbler, but reads “See you in the Big Blue” above the image. One of the feature pools at the Art of Animation Resort is called The Big Blue Pool.

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