Cinderella Castle Stage Shows Canceled for 3 Weeks & More: Daily Recap (7/7/24)

Katie Francis

A collage with Disney collectibles, apparel, a castle, a parade float, and merchandise. Images include Cinderella’s castle, characters’ merchandise, and a themed parade float in a theme park—perfect for your daily recap of magical moments.

Cinderella Castle Stage Shows Canceled for 3 Weeks & More: Daily Recap (7/7/24)

The Cinderella Castle stage shows have been canceled for three weeks, over 20 more new Haunted Mansion merchandise items are coming soon, and a new Monsters University collection has arrived— all this and more in today’s daily recap for Sunday, July 7, 2024.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom


New Merchandise

A collection of Haunted Mansion Merchandise including shoes, a doll, a fanny pack, and a decorative item featuring busts of characters displayed on pedestals.

Disneyland Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort

Image promoting "Baymax's Mission: Cooldown Parade" featuring Baymax on a colorful float with scientific contraptions, set against a majestic castle backdrop and a sea of spectators.

WDW News Today

WATCH PARKSCENTER — A Controversial Haunted Mansion Change Could Be Coming, a Mickey Misfire, and a MEGA Parade

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