Display of Woody Woodpecker-themed sports apparel including red, black, and blue jerseys, shorts, and shirts, arranged on shelves and hangers in a retail store.

New Woody Woodpecker Sports-Style Apparel at Universal Orlando Resort

Shannen Ace

Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone may be gone but the classic character lives on through new Universal Orlando Resort merchandise.

Entrance of a store with a circular sign above the door, surrounded by colorful banners featuring various designs and text. Two topiary plants frame the doorway.

The new collection is available at UNI VRS at Universal Studios Florida.

Display of Woody Woodpecker-themed sports apparel including red, black, and blue jerseys, shorts, and shirts, arranged on shelves and hangers in a retail store.

The sports-style apparel includes T-shirts and jerseys.

Woody Woodpecker Blue T-Shirt – $35

A blue T-shirt with a colorful graphic of Woody Woodpecker and his name displayed prominently beneath the character. It is hanging on a transparent hanger in a retail store alongside other clothing items.

This blue shirt has Woody’s face on the chest. He’s above his name in green and red lettering inside a yellow circle.

A blue T-shirt with a graphic that says “Guess Who!!” in red and yellow text is displayed on a hanger in a retail store.

“Guess Who?!!” is on the back of the tee in red letters with yellow borders.

Windbreaker – $95

A white hoodie with black and blue accents and the text "Hoody Phanomer" displayed on a rack in a store.

The windbreaker is white with black stripes on the sleeves. It has zip-up pockets on the front and a half-zip down the chest.

A close-up of a white and black jacket with the phrase "Guess Who?" printed in yellow and red on the sleeves. A person's hand with blue nail polish slightly lifts one sleeve.

“Guess Who?!!” is on the right sleeve.

White jacket with black and red stripes on the sleeves, featuring "WOODY WOODPECKER" text and a colorful woodpecker graphic on the chest. The jacket has a price tag attached.

“Woody Woodpecker” is on blue stripes with red borders on the sides of the chest. Woody is pictured with blue olive branches and a star on the left breast. His name is in black above him.

A white hooded jacket with black stripes on the shoulders and sides is displayed on a hanger in a retail store.

The windbreaker has a hood.

Woody Woodpecker Basketball Tank – $65

A black sleeveless jersey with "Woody Woodpecker" text and character graphic is displayed on a hangar in a clothing store, surrounded by similar merchandise.

The basketball tank top is black with white stripes down the sides. The armholes and neck are lined with blue and red stripes. “Woody Woodpecker” is in the center in red letters. His eyes are in the “o”s of “Woody.”

A close-up of a person holding the bottom of a black mesh fabric with a colorful patch featuring a cartoon bird and the word "Woody" sewn onto it.

A patch near the hem features Woody and his first name.

Basketball Shorts – $50

Black, white, and red shorts featuring a cartoon bird and the text "Guess Who!!" on a retail display.

The color scheme of the shorts matches the basketball tank. It has a black drawstring around the waist.

Close-up of black mesh athletic shorts with a red, blue, and white stripe near the bottom hem. "Guess Who!!" is printed in red and yellow text along with an image of a cartoon woodpecker.

“Guess Who?!!” is on the right leg.

Close-up of a pair of black shorts featuring a colorful cartoon woodpecker design on the side, with the character spreading its arms in a welcoming gesture.

Woody is pictured on the left leg.

Black sports shorts with red, blue, and white accents displayed on a clothing rack, featuring a colorful "Wooter" logo patch on the front left side.

A Woody patch is on the back.

Woody Woodpecker Baseball Jersey – $75

A black and white baseball jersey with "Woody Woodpecker" in large red letters on the front, displayed on a clothing rack. The jersey features a small Woody Woodpecker patch near the bottom.

This jersey is short-sleeved and buttons up. The torso is black and the sleeves are white. “Woody Woodpecker” is across the chest. The name is also on blue stripes around the sleeves.

Close-up of a black garment with an embroidered patch depicting Woody Woodpecker and the name "Woody" in red text. The background of the patch is a rainbow-colored circle.

A Woody patch is on the left side near the hem.

A black mesh shirt with a cartoon character tag on the collar hangs on a plastic hanger. The size marked on the shirt is XS.

The apparel has Woody Woodpecker-branded tags.

Hockey Jersey – $75

A red jersey-style shirt with white stripes and the text "Woody Woodpecker" along with a printed character of Woody Woodpecker is displayed in a retail setting.

This jersey is red with white details. There are two white stripes on each sleeve. “Woody Woodpecker” is across the chest, above an image of the character. It has a v-shaped neck.

Close-up of a red sports jersey featuring a patch with an image of Woody Woodpecker. The neighboring white jerseys also show "Woody Woodpecker" text on the sleeves.

A Woody patch is near the hem.

A person holds up a red sports jersey with white stripes and the number 19 on it, hanging in a store.

“19” is on the right sleeve and “40” is on the left. Woody Woodpecker made his debut in 1940.

Woody Woodpecker White T-Shirt – $35

A white t-shirt with a blue and red cartoon graphic on the left chest, displayed on a hanger in a retail store. Other merchandise and colorful displays are visible in the background.

The white T-shirt has a small image of Woody on the left breast.

White t-shirt featuring a graphic of a cartoon bird with red feathers next to a blue and red "W" logo.

It’s just his face with the letters “WW” in blue.

White T-shirt featuring a large graphic of Woody Woodpecker with text in red font above and below the character. The text reads "Woody Woodpecker." The shirt is displayed on a rack.

His full name is in red on the back. He’s pictured again with blue olive branches.

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