Collage of four images: DreamWorks Land and E.T. attractions sign, character standees of Princess Fiona and Shrek, colorful themed playground, and a martial arts training area marked by a wooden arch.

Take a Full Tour of the New DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

Annie Wilson

DreamWorks Land is the newest addition to Universal Studios Florida, taking over what was formerly Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone. The new land offers Shrek, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda experiences. Take a full tour of DreamWorks Land with us!

DreamWorks Land

Theme park scene with overcast sky, sparse crowd, and DreamWorks Land signage on the left. Various colorful structures and decorations visible, surrounded by lush greenery.

DreamWorks Land is located next to E.T. Adventure and Animal Actors on Location. E.T. Adventure got a new sign to help set it apart from the DreamWorks area.

Visitors gather at the entrance of the E.T. Adventure ride in DreamWorks Land, with animated characters on a nearby sign and an overcast sky overhead.

The DreamWorks Land entrance sign features characters from the “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “Trolls” franchises, gathered around the DreamWorks logo.

Sign reading 'Popstar Stroller Parking' with a stroller icon, located in a colorful, landscaped area with trees and mural in the background at DreamWorks Land.

Inside the land, stroller parking is marked with “Trolls” and “Shrek”-themed signs.

A wooden sign reading "Little Ogre Stroller Parking" with an image of an ogre pushing a stroller, located in the beautifully landscaped garden area of DreamWorks Land, surrounded by trees and plants.
Two large, stone-like outdoor bins are side by side at DreamWorks Land; the left is for waste, and the right, marked with the recycling symbol and a blue lid, is for recyclables. They are situated in a landscaped area.

The land has trash cans decorated with “Kung Fu Panda” and “Shrek” carvings.

Two outdoor waste bins made of stone, one for trash and one for recycling, set on a concrete surface with greenery and a building in the background, evoke the meticulous design often found in DreamWorks Land.

Shrek’s Swamp Meet

A whimsical, tree-stump-shaped house with a grassy roof and surrounding vegetation, featuring a wooden sign reading "Shrek's Swamp Meet." Cartoon characters mingle with visitors nearby, making it a charming attraction in DreamWorks Land.

Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona have a brand new meet-and-greet location. Shrek’s swamp is the first thing guests will encounter as they enter the new land.

A wooden sign reads "Swamp Meet" with depictions of Shrek and two other characters, set in a lush green outdoor area with a path and foliage, reminiscent of DreamWorks Land.

Signage advertises “Shrek’s Swamp Meet” and features artwork of Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona.

A whimsical, tree-like structure with a green, moss-covered roof stands under a cloudy sky. Several people, including a woman and child, are exploring the enchanting garden area of DreamWorks Land.

The characters meet at Shrek’s cottage, at the base of a very large tree stump. Shrek’s swamp is the icon of this area and is really the most impressive thing in the land. It’s the most detailed area, too. Shrek deserves the best, especially after losing Shrek 4D and his original meet and greet.

A whimsical, tree-like structure in DreamWorks Land features a wooden door, grassy roof, and surrounding greenery, resembling a fantastical dwelling.

Guests don’t get to go into the cottage, unfortunately. Shrek and Fiona come outside, while Donkey leans out through a window.

A person in a green dress, a donkey, and a person in a green ogre costume stand in front of a rustic wooden house, capturing the whimsical essence of DreamWorks Land.

Donkey has an updated look from his previous version. Fiona is in her human form.

Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres

People gather near a wooden play structure with slides at DreamWorks Land on a cloudy day, with strollers and a wheelchair rental station nearby.

This playground is for smaller guests to splash and slide.

A wooden sign at an outdoor playground titled "Welcome to Shrek's Swamp!" displays various warning symbols and cautionary text alongside an illustration of Shrek. A green slide is visible in the background, capturing the whimsical essence of DreamWorks Land.
A wooden signpost in DreamWorks Land reads "Beware of Ogres" and displays three green ogre faces, next to foot markings on the ground, surrounded by lush plants in this vibrant theme park setting.
Two foot-shaped outlines are painted on a brown wooden board, possibly indicating where to stand. The surrounding ground is stone with some water marks and a wooden post on the side, evoking a whimsical touch reminiscent of DreamWorks Land.
A whimsical playground in DreamWorks Land features a wooden structure resembling an outhouse with a crescent moon cutout, colorful mushroom-shaped objects, and a climbing play area in the background.

It wouldn’t be a Shrek play area without an outhouse, right?

Entrance to a green tunnel slide at DreamWorks Land with a sign above that reads, "Feet first please, one little ogre at a time!

The outhouse is a slide!

A covered wooden structure is shown with a large green tube slide wrapped around it. Surrounding the area are lush plants and trees, with a DreamWorks Land playground environment visible in the background.
A green playground slide with a wooden sign at its entrance that reads "STAY CLEAR OF SLIDE." Nestled in the enchanting setting of DreamWorks Land, the area is surrounded by trees and foliage.
A child plays inside a wooden play structure with a slide and treehouse design in DreamWorks Land. A sign reading "Tall Shack" is visible in the foreground. The scene is surrounded by trees and foliage, creating a magical atmosphere.

Inside the play area, Pinocchio is hanging out in Pinocchio’s Fact Shack. Push the button and Pinocchio will tell you a fact, but keep an eye on his nose. It grows when he lies.

A brown, enclosed playground slide descends from a raised platform surrounded by greenery and trees. The sign at the top reads "Forest of Fun!" and the sky appears cloudy in the background, making it feel like a scene straight out of DreamWorks Land.

The play area is much smaller and less themed than Fievel’s Playland. The area has some bridges, slides, and water blasters, but it seems very basic.

Wooden viewing platform with three mounted binoculars facing DreamWorks Land. The platform is surrounded by a mesh net railing. Trees and a few people are visible in the background.
A lush, green park area reminiscent of DreamWorks Land features a rustic building, benches, and a sculpture. Several people walk along the paved path, surrounded by trees and dense foliage.
A wooden sign on a netted barrier reads, “Caution: Floor May Be Wet,” with illustrations of people slipping. In the background, you can see trees and a building, hinting at the whimsical charm of DreamWorks Land.
Footprints are embedded in a cracked, uneven concrete surface reminiscent of DreamWorks Land. Some water puddles accentuate the head-shaped impressions. Partially visible legs can be seen at the edges of the image.
Outdoor "Ogre Dryer" booth surrounded by green foliage, situated within DreamWorks Land. This hexagonal, green and yellow structure prominently displays the text "OGRE DRYER" above the entrance.

If you get soaked in the swamp, there are now “ogre dryers” in the area. These are the same dryers by the water rides that you can pay to use.

Outdoor, Shrek-themed drying station with a green and yellow color scheme, nestled in the lush greenery of DreamWorks Land. The text on the booth reads, "I'll huff and puff and I'll blow your clothes dry!

These are themed with artwork of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf on the side. The text around the dryer reads, “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your clothes dry!”

King Harold’s Swamp Symphony

A wooden sign with illustrations of a frog and musical notes reads "King Harold's Swamp Symphony" in DreamWorks Land. The sign is surrounded by lush greenery.

King Harold’s Swamp Symphony is an interactive experience where guests can hop on lily pads on the ground to make the frogs “sing.” If you get creative, you can make some interesting melodies.

A child stands near a rock formation with colorful frog statues and greenery in the background, reminiscent of DreamWorks Land. There are lily pad-shaped step stones on the ground.

Or hop on three pads to hear something that sounds like “Bud” “wis” “er.” The mouths of the frogs move as they make different noises.

Mama Luna’s Feline Fiesta

Entrance to the Maya Grill restaurant with people standing at the door, surrounded by trees and decorative stonework, feels like a portal straight into DreamWorks Land.

Mama Luna’s Feline Fiesta is an interactive experience. This location was previously Shrek’s Swamp Meet and the Barney Shop before that. The area has a new look with an entrance gate that reads “Mama’s Luna’s” across the top.

A family observes exhibits in a brightly colored, enclosed space with various decorative displays on the walls and interactive stations. The open-air room at DreamWorks Land has a tiled floor and a wooden ceiling.

Inside, guests can interact with screens. Turning cranks and pushing buttons causes the objects on the screens to react.

A brightly colored indoor display features a large animated screen depicting various household items, including a blue piano and animal figurines, set against a backdrop reminiscent of DreamWorks Land with framed art pieces on a warm-toned wall.
A yellow cup-shaped object on a black stand is centered on a circular blue base with directional labels, placed on a wooden table against a tiled, patterned wall. It looks like an attraction in DreamWorks Land. People are in the background.
A family explores DreamWorks Land, engaging with various touchscreens and displays in a brightly decorated, tiled room.

Trolls Trollercoaster

Two adults enter DreamWorks Land, an amusement park area themed with colorful trolls, passing under a decorative archway with a roller coaster in the background. Various troll characters are displayed on either side of the entrance.

Trolls Trollercoaster is the only actual ride in the land and is a retheme of Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster. This family-friendly coaster takes guests on a caterpillar Caterbus ride.

Entrance to the "Trolls Trollercoaster" ride at DreamWorks Land features a colorful sign warning of a high-speed roller coaster. Several Trolls characters are displayed, and a person stands nearby. The sky is partly cloudy.

The entrance to the attraction has several Trolls characters.

People are seated in colorful roller coaster cars at DreamWorks Land, ready for a thrilling ride. The ride is themed with vibrant, playful decorations inspired by DreamWorks' beloved characters.

Poppy’s Playground

Children and adults enjoy activities under a large, pink mushroom structure at "Poppy's Playground" in DreamWorks Land. A warning sign is visible on the right, and strollers are parked in the foreground.

This playground takes up the space near the DreamWorks Imagination Celebration entrance. There’s a small play area under a giant mushroom.

A vibrant pink and green playground structure shaped like a bulbous pod, reminiscent of DreamWorks Land, with children and adults interacting in the background on a sunny day.
Children standing on colorful flower-shaped stepping stones at DreamWorks Land playground, with adults nearby.
Children and adults are gathered around a large, red playground structure with whimsical designs, reminiscent of DreamWorks Land, set on a green surface. Some children are playing with hanging decorations and sitting on swings.
A colorful caterpillar sculpture with purple antennae and big teeth sits on a green playground surface, surrounded by flower designs, evoking the whimsical charm of DreamWorks Land.
Two colorful character statues stand atop a floral pedestal in a fenced circular garden area within DreamWorks Land, with trees and buildings in the background.

There’s a Trolls-inspired fountain nearby featuring Poppy and Branch.

Kung Fu Training Camp

Entrance to Po's Kung Fu Training Camp in DreamWorks Land, featuring an ornate archway with red lanterns, surrounded by lush greenery and trees.

The Kung Fu Training Camp play area is located at the back of DreamWorks Land, where Curious George Goes to Town was located in KidZone.

A wooden character height measurement sign stands on a concrete surface, surrounded by greenery. The sign, adorned with beloved DreamWorks Land characters, informs visitors about the required height for playground ride inclusion.
In DreamWorks Land, a large gong housed within a wooden structure is accompanied by a sign that reads "Gong of Resounding Resonance." This outdoor setting, adorned with lanterns and greenery, evokes a sense of serene enchantment.
Experience the magic of DreamWorks Land in our outdoor water play area, featuring water cannons, elevated structures, and colorful water buckets set in a lush, green environment.

There’s an area to splash around in when you walk into the village. A laundry-themed area provides more water fun.

Entrance to Mr. Ping's Noodle Kaboodle at DreamWorks Land features a noodle sign and large noodles protruding from a pot, framed by a wooden structure and lush greenery in the background.

Mr. Ping’s Noodle Kaboodle is a dry play area including spinning noodle bowls.

Po Live!

The stage is set with a large screen displaying an animated panda holding a bowl, with the text "Learn Kung Fu Today!" and "Train with Po!" on the sides. Red lanterns hang from above, giving it the perfect ambiance of a kung fu training camp.

In the back of Panda Village, you’ll find Po Live! This interactive experience uses screens to bring Po to “life” to teach guests some Kung Fu moves. This area was the Ball Factory, which was part of Curious George Goes to Town.

DreamWorks Imagination Celebration

Entrance to the DreamWorks Imagination Celebration in DreamWorks Land, featuring signs and people standing at the gate on a pink and green path with trees and buildings in the background.

The DreamWorks Imagination Celebration takes place in the theater that housed the DreamWorks Destination before the KidZone closure. Prior to that, this was A Day in the Park with Barney.

People standing in front of a stage with three screens displaying a logo and text under a roofed area in DreamWorks Land. The area is surrounded by themed decorations like clouds and a tree.
Three performers sing and dance on a stage with green scenery panels, transporting the audience into a DreamWorks Land. One performer is positioned in the foreground, two are on the stage, and various stage lights are lit above.
Characters performing in a live stage show featuring Shrek and other fairy-tale characters against a forest-themed backdrop.

The show has sections dedicated to “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “Trolls.” We saw an incomplete version without the “Trolls” section during technical rehearsals but saw the full show later in the day.

A person in a panda costume dances on stage, surrounded by an audience and a DreamWorks Land forest-themed backdrop.
Two individuals in colorful character costumes with tall hair perform on stage alongside two people in casual clothes, while an audience watches. Bright lights and scenery enhance the backdrop.

Stay tuned for our video.

Swamp Snacks

A small wooden concession stand named "Swamp Juice" in DreamWorks Land, surrounded by trees and plants, with several people standing in line for service.

The land offers two snack stands. Swamp Snacks offers Shrek-themed snacks and treats and is located at the entrance of the land. Shrekzels with green cheese, Swamp Dogs, “Far Far A Waffle” sandwiches, Mud Puddle Pudding, and Shrek and Donkey ice pops are available from this stand.

Wooden signboard displaying a menu for snacks and drinks in a park setting within DreamWorks Land. People walk around nearby, and there are trees and greenery in the background.

Swamp Snacks has Freestyle machines on the side of the building.

People standing at a wooden snack stand labeled "Swamp Snacks" in the heart of DreamWorks Land, waiting to place orders on a sunny day.

Check our reviews of every single snack.

Trolls Treats

A large, yellow, boombox-shaped structure with the words "Trolls & Treats" on it sits proudly in DreamWorks Land. The structure features windows resembling speakers and buttons designed like a music player. The sky is cloudy.

For a sweet treat in the Florida heat, Trolls Treats is serving up some cool ice cream snacks. The bright yellow boombox is located near the entrance to the Trollercoaster.

Close-up of a bright yellow vending machine screen in DreamWorks Land, displaying options for "Brozone Berry" and "Poppy-Limeade" popsicles, with colorful graphics of the popsicles and descriptions beneath them.

The menu offers Brozone Berry and Poppy-licious pink cones. Check out our reviews.

A close-up image of a vending machine screen at DreamWorks Land shows drink options and their prices ranging from $3.50 to $12.00. The background is yellow and black, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the park.

There are also plenty of sodas and other beverages.

High Five Hideaway

People are visiting a store named "High Five Hideaway" with a colorful facade featuring a cloud character, reminiscent of DreamWorks Land. The store displays various merchandise, and several people, including children, are browsing.

High Five Hideaway is the merchandise location for DreamWorks Land. This store offers a variety of DreamWorks themed headbands and other merch.

uor usf dreamworks land high five hideaway 7509
A display featuring vibrant tie-dye apparel, white T-shirts with "Vibes and Waves" text, and colorful water bottles in an outdoor setting reminiscent of DreamWorks Land.
Visitors at the colorful DreamWorks Land stall admire plush toys on display. One visitor in a wheelchair gazes at the toys, while others receive assistance at the counter.

Other Meet and Greets

A person in a Gabby's Dollhouse costume poses in front of a themed structure resembling a colorful cat-shaped house with the sign "Gabby's Dollhouse" displayed above, capturing the whimsical spirit of DreamWorks Land.

There’s a Gabby’s Dollhouse façade for a dedicated Gabby meet and greet next to the Animal Actors on Location! theater.

Animated character in cat-themed attire poses outside a colorful playhouse structure with a yellow and pink bench in front of it. Set against the lush greenery and starry sky backdrop typical of DreamWorks Land, this whimsical scene captures imagination and charm.
A costumed character of Puss in Boots stands in front of a backdrop with a sky scene at DreamWorks Land. They are wearing a hat with a feather, a belt, and boots.

Other characters have meet and greets next to Gabby, in front of a starry, cloudy sky backdrop. We met Puss in Boots here.

A costumed character resembling a lemur with a colorful crown strikes a pose in front of a backdrop of clouds and stars at DreamWorks Land amusement park.

We also met King Julien from the “Madagascar” series.

DreamWorks Mural

A brightly painted mural of various animals, including pandas and birds, set against a backdrop of colorful hills and fluffy clouds in an empty, well-lit room, evokes the whimsical charm of DreamWorks Land.

A DreamWorks Land mural features various DreamWorks characters depicted as clouds over a natural landscape.

A colorful mural depicting a whimsical sky scene with various playful characters integrated into cloud formations, reminiscent of the fanciful charm of DreamWorks Land.

In addition to characters from the land’s main franchises, there are also characters from “How to Train Your Dragon,” “Madagascar,” “Bad Guys,” and more.

A mural featuring clouds shaped like various fantasy animals, such as pandas and unicorns, under a blue sky, reminiscent of a whimsical DreamWorks Land scene.

Watch our full land tour video below.

DreamWorks Land will officially open on June 14 at Universal Studios Florida.

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