A thrilling trollercoaster ride with people on it is seen in a theme park with vibrant green fencing and safety signs. A large fan is mounted on a pole to the left. Blue sky and trees are in the background.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Trolls Trollercoaster at DreamWorks Land Full Ride Through

Toni Ferrigno

We took a ride on the new Trolls Trollercoaster at DreamWorks Land in Universal Studios Florida.

Trolls Trollercoaster

Two adults enter DreamWorks Land, an amusement park area themed with colorful trolls, passing under a decorative archway with a roller coaster in the background. Various troll characters are displayed on either side of the entrance.

The family coaster themed to the “Trolls” movie franchise takes guests on a ride on the Caterbus to escape evil spiders. Trolls Trollercoaster is a retheme of Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster, which was part of Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone that closed permanently in January 2023 to make way for DreamWorks Land.

The marquee outside of the attraction features fan-favorite characters, Poppy, Viva, Tiny Diamond, and Satin and Chenille, whose hair forms an arch that guests walk under to enter the queue. A digital wait time display is included on the marquee.

Entrance to the "Trolls Trollercoaster" ride at DreamWorks Land features a colorful sign warning of a high-speed roller coaster. Several Trolls characters are displayed, and a person stands nearby. The sky is partly cloudy.

Guests must be over 36 inches to ride. Guests between 36 and 48 inches must ride with a supervising companion. Signage outside of the coaster warns of the following:

This is a high-speed roller coaster ride that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, and dropping.

A cutout of Guy Diamond stands at the entrance to measure guests’ heights.

Entrance to the Trollercoaster attraction with a sign indicating a 5-minute wait time and large character cutouts of Trolls with colorful hair.

The Express Pass entrance uses facial recognition in a column decorated with flowers.

A pathway with green fencing leads to the Trollercoaster ride entrance. A sign on the fence warns "No Entry" and "Authorized Personnel Only." People can be seen walking towards the ride.

The queue is entirely outdoors and is themed with green fencing that looks like giant blades of grass.

An empty amusement park queue area with colorful fencing and shaded by large mushroom-shaped structures awaits eager Trollercoaster riders. A bin sits in the foreground, while trees provide a serene backdrop.
A colorful playground area with green fencing, netted enclosures, and rainbow-colored overhead beams features a Trollercoaster ride. A security camera is mounted on a beam to ensure safety.
A group of people waits in line under a green-roofed structure with flower-shaped signs labeled "6" through "8". The area, part of the enchanting DreamWorks Land, is enclosed with pink fencing and decorated with whimsical flower motifs.

There are pink and blue gates, pink light fixtures, and flower signs in the load area. Cast Members wear pink and blue uniforms.

Colorful amusement park ride with children seated in a queue. Bright metal railings and a defibrillator box are visible. Trees and other ride structures from DreamWorks Land are in the background.
People are seated in colorful roller coaster cars at DreamWorks Land, ready for a thrilling ride. The ride is themed with vibrant, playful decorations inspired by DreamWorks' beloved characters.

Columns feature rainbow stripes.

A colorful trollercoaster ascends on a track surrounded by green fencing. Riders are visible on the coaster, clearly enjoying their thrilling ride. A fan and a net are seen above the track, adding to the unique setup. The sky is clear and blue, making it a perfect day for some fun.

The short ride begins going up a small lift hill as music plays. Guest encounter their first spiderweb with spiders at the top of the hill.

A thrilling trollercoaster ride with people on it is seen in a theme park with vibrant green fencing and safety signs. A large fan is mounted on a pole to the left. Blue sky and trees are in the background.

From there, guests travel on the orange, green, and yellow tracks past other spiders.

Outdoor area with green fencing, DreamWorks Land signage, and a "Photos This Way" sign featuring a cartoon character. The area includes lush greenery and a path leading towards covered structures.

A ride photo is taken during the attraction. A touch screen with a QR code near the exit allows guests to view their photos. This wasn’t available during our preview.

You can watch our full ride through of the Trolls Trollercoaster below:

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