Performers in colorful costumes are dancing on a stage under bright lights. The backdrop displays a fantasy forest scene.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: New DreamWorks Imagination Celebration Show at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida features a new show, DreamWorks Imagination Celebration.

DreamWorks Imagination Celebration

Entrance to the DreamWorks Imagination Celebration in DreamWorks Land, featuring signs and people standing at the gate on a pink and green path with trees and buildings in the background.

The show is in the theater that previously housed DreamWorks Destination. Before that, it was home to “A Day in the Park with Barney.” The entrance has been redecorated with “DreamWorks Imagination Celebration” signage. There are pink swirls on the ground to match the nearby “Trolls” fountain and playground.

People standing in front of a stage with three screens displaying a logo and text under a roofed area in DreamWorks Land. The area is surrounded by themed decorations like clouds and a tree.

The pre-show area has been redecorated. The screens are now in cloud frames against a white wall. The railings are the same farm-like fencing but painted a lighter brown.

A crowd of people waits in line indoors, surrounded by a backdrop of painted jungle scenery and a digital screen displaying information. Ceiling lights illuminate the space, creating an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of DreamWorks Land.

The entrance doors are green. The walls around them are painted with trees and foliage.

A green curved stage under blue lighting with people sitting in the audience. The background features a painted landscape of trees and waterfalls, reminiscent of DreamWorks Land.

There are more flat trees and giant mushrooms inside the theater. The walls are lined with screens that display the sky, clouds, and other elements relevant to the show. The edge of the stage is now green like the doors.

Two people stand on a well-lit stage with a colorful DreamWorks Land backdrop. An enthusiastic audience is visible in the background.

There are two hosts who sing and retell some famous DreamWorks stories, using the power of imagination.

Three performers sing and dance on a stage with green scenery panels, transporting the audience into a DreamWorks Land. One performer is positioned in the foreground, two are on the stage, and various stage lights are lit above.

There are also several dancers, who put on different costumes for different scenes.

A stage performance at DreamWorks Land features actors interacting with a majestic, red dragon puppet and a lively character in a donkey costume, delighting the audience.

Donkey and the dragon appear during the “Shrek” retelling.

Two individuals operate a large red dragon puppet on stage, one holding the dragon's neck and another inside. The background, reminiscent of DreamWorks Land, is illuminated with vibrant purple lighting.
Performers on stage with a pink dragon puppet and a goat puppet under purple lights, with an animated forest backdrop reminiscent of DreamWorks Land, and an audience watching.
A person in a green Shrek costume dances on stage with another individual while an audience watches in an indoor theater setting.
Characters performing in a live stage show featuring Shrek and other fairy-tale characters against a forest-themed backdrop.

They dance to “I’m a Believer” by Smash Mouth.

Performers in colorful costumes are dancing on a stage under bright lights. The backdrop displays a fantasy forest scene.
Two performers on stage with a giant panda mascot wearing a red belt, surrounded by an audience in an indoor theater with colorful DreamWorks Land backdrop scenery.

The hosts then get transported into the Spirit Realm and are joined by Po from “Kung Fu Panda.”

A person in a panda costume dances on stage, surrounded by an audience and a DreamWorks Land forest-themed backdrop.
A person in a panda costume stands center stage next to two individuals on each side, under bright stage lights with a scenic backdrop and audience in the background.

Po is presented with the Staff of Wisdom.

A performer in a panda costume stands on a stage with one person holding up a phone and another person observing, while an audience watches from the background in a brightly lit setting.
Performers in vibrant costumes and an animated panda bring DreamWorks Land to life on a brightly lit stage with an audience watching. The background showcases a colorful nature scene, enhancing the enchanting atmosphere.

They perform “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten.

Performers dressed in vibrant costumes act on a brightly lit stage at DreamWorks Land, with a large audience watching them. The background features an animated panda and colorful scenery.
A person in a panda costume performs on stage in front of an audience, with a spotlight shining from above. The background features a vivid forest scene, reminiscent of something straight out of DreamWorks Land.
Two individuals in colorful character costumes with tall hair perform on stage alongside two people in casual clothes, while an audience watches. Bright lights and scenery enhance the backdrop.

Poppy and Branch from “Trolls” come out to perform “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake.

A person in a rainbow furry costume and a person in a lemur costume stand onstage, facing a cheering audience with tropical animated characters projected on a large screen behind them.

King Julien from the “Madagascar” series makes a surprise appearance at the end of the show.

Watch the DreamWorks Imagination Celebration below.

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