A spread of snacks on a bench: a Mickey-shaped pretzel with green dip, a bacon-wrapped sausage, and two pieces of waffles, near a garden area.

REVIEW: New Shrekzel, Swamp Dogs, Waffle Sandwiches, and More at DreamWorks Land in Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida has “Shrek”-inspired food available at Swamp Snacks. The menu includes the “Shrekzel,” “Far Far a Waffle” sandwiches, “Swamp Dogs,” ice pops, and more.

Swamp Snacks

People standing at a wooden snack stand labeled "Swamp Snacks" in the heart of DreamWorks Land, waiting to place orders on a sunny day.

Swamp Snacks is located near the entrance of DreamWorks Land. In addition to themed snacks, it serves bottled water, Powerade, Monster Energy, 20 oz. draft beer, and canned beer.

A spread of snacks on a bench: a Mickey-shaped pretzel with green dip, a bacon-wrapped sausage, and two pieces of waffles, near a garden area.

Shrekzel – $12.29

A Shrek-themed pretzel with salt sprinkles is held in one hand, while a small container of green dipping sauce is held in the other. The background features greenery and a concrete surface.

This was horrible. The green cheese gets a big no from us.

A hand holding a Shrek-shaped pretzel decorated with white sugar granules, with a rustic wooden window and tree in the background.

The pretzel didn’t taste fresh. It was dry as the desert. We don’t recommend this.

Ham & Cheese Far Far a Waffle – $11.49

A hand holding a folded waffle wrapped in a colorful paper with an outdoor setting in the background.

This waffle is full of tiny diced ham, which we liked. It also has cheese but it was hard.

A hand with a white watch holds a waffle on a patterned napkin in an outdoor setting with trees and buildings in the background.

The waffle sandwiches are definitely over-priced. We would rather make our own.

Pepperoni Far Far a Waffle – $11.49

A hand holds a folded waffle sandwich wrapped in decorative paper with a path and trees in the background on a sunny day.

The pepperoni sandwich is dry and hard. It reminds us of cheese fries.

A person holds a sandwich made of waffles with a filling, wrapped in patterned paper in an outdoor setting. Several people can be seen in the background.

Overall, we were unimpressed and will be keeping far far away from these waffles.

Swamp Dog – $9.49

Oozing green cheese hot dog wrapped in pizza tree bark

Close-up of a person holding a sausage roll in a napkin with a colorful pattern. The background shows an outdoor setting with trees and people walking around.

Our group was mixed on the hot dog. It’s oily with odd green stains. We think the actual meat is a Nathan’s hot dog. It was kind of small compared to the breading.

A hand holding a grilled sausage wrapped in a partially sliced baguette, garnished with herbs. Greenery is visible in the background.

Despite our mixed feelings, this is the best hot food at Swamp Snacks.

Mud Puddle Pudding – $5.99

Chocolate pudding, cookie crumbs, cookie cake, and gummy bugs

A hand holds a small cup filled with chocolate-crumb dessert, decorated with gummy worms and small white chocolate balls, with a tiny black plastic shovel as a spoon. Enjoying this whimsical "shrekzel" creation in an outdoor setting amidst people in the background.

There’s nothing special about this — it’s standard worms and dirt. It comes with a plastic shovel spoon that isn’t very helpful in scooping up bites. The cake is a typical Universal cupcake.

Hand holding a dessert designed to look like soil, with chocolate crumble, two gummy worms, and white candy spheres in a small square container—one might say it's fit for an ogre's feast. Blur of people and greenery in the background enhances this whimsical Shrekzel treat.

It’s sweet. There are some harder rock-like chocolates. Kids will enjoy this.

Frozen Ogre Sour Apple Ice Pop – $6.99

Person holds a green ice cream shaped like an ogre character labeled "Froǵen Ogre Shrekzel." The background shows a tree-themed structure and people walking.

This is one of the best things we ate in DreamWorks Land. It’s refreshing, especially on a hot Florida day.

A person holding a green Shrekzel popsicle, shaped like an animated character, stands in front of a building with a tree-like structure and abundant greenery.

It’s not too sweet but not sour at all. It has a HI-CHEW green apple flavor.

A hand holding a colorful box featuring a green ogre face and text. The background shows a green, leafy structure and other people at an outdoor location, all enjoying the excitement of Shrekzel festivities.

The packaging is hard to open and the ice pop comes on a weirdly shaped stick. But other than that, it’s the perfect treat.

Chonkey Donkey Chocolate Ice Pop – $6.99

A hand holding a packaged chocolate ice pop shaped like a cartoon donkey outside in a park, reminiscent of the whimsical world of Shrekzel.

The Donkey ice pop is just as delicious as the Shrek one. It tastes similar to a JELL-O pudding pop.

A hand holds a chocolate bunny-shaped ice cream bar on a stick in an outdoor area with greenery, people, and pathways visible in the background, reminiscent of a whimsical Shrekzel fairytale setting.

It’s so cold that you can see ice crystals on it, so it has a popsicle feel with chocolate pudding flavor. We love it.

Two hands holding character-shaped ice cream pops; one is a chocolate bunny, and the other is a green shrekzel-shaped ogre. A themed outdoor setting is in the background.

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