Disneyland Resort

More End Dates

We once again have some updates to the attraction refurbishment list for you. First up, as previously reported, today is the last day for the … Read more

Dig Up That Concrete!

Our sources are reporting that the planned repaving of the New Orleans Square Railroad Station, although removed off of the Disneyland.com calender, will still be … Read more

Mark Your Calenders!

It’s once again time to mark your calenders, as we have a few interesting additions to the attractions refurbishment list. First up, the Flik’s Flyers … Read more

Buzz on the Boom

The lovely Blue Sky Disney website put up a special world-wide Blue Sky Buzz this past Monday, which shows what Disneyland, as well as Walt … Read more

Week In Review

Here are a few of the more interesting happenings from the week, that have popped up on the internet while I was in Las Vegas: … Read more