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Farming Corn Dogs

According to D23: Bountiful Valley Farmer’s Market in Disney’s California Adventure Park will begin serving corn dogs on June 1 due to the temporary closure … Read more

Chuck Canzoneri’s 5/26/09 Photo Report

Chuck Canzoneri reports to us with yet another of his fantastic photo reports:

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Some filming of the World of Disney sign was taking place

3574569798 034f366051

At Marceline’s Confectionery they were making Minnie apples

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3573763419 fd470a7e68

There were a lot of characters about

3574570580 d05a4ea927

The Fab 5 were all out, spread across Town Square

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Myrna Litt’s 5/27/09 Photo Report

It’s once again time for a photo report from our very own Myrna Litt:

05 26 09 001

Some work being done to this paint peeled lighting tower

05 26 09 003

Construction walls have gone up around Golden Dreams as work finally begins on The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

05 26 09 016

The old restrooms are also walled off

05 26 09 010

The new San Francisco Street restrooms

05 26 09 012

A look inside the Womens restroom

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Chuck and Dug’s 5/20/09 Photo Report

Chuck Canzoneri has returned to the west coast and to Disneyland, and gives us a brand new photo report:

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Chuck’s wife brought a special guest to the park

3553037418 9cb9bd2193

It’s Dug, from Pixar’s new film, Up. Chuck purchased him at the Disney Store

3553037714 31f0e06b7f

He looks completely different from the official Dug being sold by F.A.O. Schwartz, that Chuck found in New York City

3552228987 2ff1e3e4b2

The AMC in Downtown Disney featured some very tall banners for the upcoming film

3552229203 7bb27e7971

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Myrna Litt’s 5/20/09 Disneyland Park Photo Report

It’s once again time for a Disneyland Park photo report from our very own Myrna Litt:

05 19 09 001

A beautiful spring morning on Main Street USA

05 19 09 003

Disneyland is getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend

05 19 09 008

Astro Orbitor is getting a new, much nicer color scheme, which I personally like very much!

05 19 09 014

Sleeping Beauty Castle looking very pretty

05 19 09 028

A few scenery shots from around Critter Country

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John B.’s 5/3, 5/9, 5/10, & 5/17 Photo Report

While we haven’t had a photo report in from him in a while, John B. has still been visiting the Disneyland Resort very frequently. Here are his photos from May 3rd, 9th, 10th, and 17th:

100 3625

The one and only Brian Sommer, the voice of the Disneyland News Today Podcast, WDW News Today Podcast, and The Disney Pincast

100 3667

Celebrity Chef Jamie Gwen at the Food and Wine Festival

100 3671

A kind of Burger

100 3673

Jamie Gwen’s book “Good Food for Good Times”

100 3677

Push looks a little different than usual

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Myrna Litt’s 5/11/09 Photo Report

Our second photo report from Mothers Day comes to us from the lovely Myrna Litt:

05 10 09 001

A nice Oswald shirt

05 10 09 011

A long line for the swinging gondolas of Mickey’s Fun Wheel

05 10 09 018

Some shots from up in the air on the Fun Wheel

05 10 09 019

Work on the Grand Californian Disney Vacation Club addition is coming along nicely

05 10 09 022

Spikes on the Mickey face to keep the birds off

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Shawn Hutchison’s 5/11/09 Photo Report

Shawn Hutchison returns today with his first photo report in about a month. Let’s get to it:

img 3147

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and every mom got a free carnation

img 3151

Don Edgren’s new window on Main Street USA

img 3152

And Rolly Crump’s new window

img 3153

They’ve started to put some of the pieces back up on the Astro Orbitor

img 3155

These colors don’t appear to have changed that much, but there may be different colored pieces coming

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Stephen Thomas’ 5/8/09 Photo Report

We here at Disneyland News Today would like to welcome Stephen Thomas as our newest staff photographer! While Stephen won’t be visiting the Resort as much as some of our other photographers, his amazing pictures and video will indeed make up for that. Let’s now get to Stephen’s first photo report:


The state of the Astro Orbitor as of yesterday. They started putting some of the pieces back up today


Mickey’s Fun Wheel re-opened last week


The sunburst on California Screamin’


The fountains being installed for World of Color


Corn Dog Castle closes June 1st to be re-themed

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Chuck Canzoneri’s 5/6/09 Photo Report

It’s once again for a photo report from our very own Chuck Canzoneri:

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The walls came down at Pixie Hollow on Wednesday

3509853952 861126d6f2

This is the new fountain with octopus shaped lighting

3509854282 a0720690a8

While it is very obvious that the lighting is there, it still does look quite nice

3509043833 ee70b98057

3509044085 f856546148

A Cast Member at Pixie Hollow said the lights won’t be active until they finish installing the ones in the trees

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Glass Acts

According to D23: For one crisp spring morning, Main Street, U.S.A. transformed into Memory Lane as the tiny township welcomed its newest residents — Don … Read more