Disneyland is Now Selling Parade Route Pizza

Who’s ready for some Parade Route Pizza?


Recently at Disneyland Park, a roaming cart selling pizza by the slice was introduced. The cart will roll down the parade route just before the daily event.

A slice is $9.00 and is of a good size. Guests can also purchase a whole pie for the discounted price of $45.00. It does not appear to be of the same style as other counter service pizza around the resort.

This cart comes at an interesting time as “bus loop pizza” was recently introduced at the Walt Disney World Resort.


  1. Brent

    I had a a phenomenal pizza at the Westin on the beach in Dubai the other week, and I thought that was expensive at $30 But worth it, as I’m used to base food, lol. Disney just gets more ridiculous with prices by the day.

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