Pirates of the Caribbean Will Close in Early 2018 to Change Redhead Auction Scene

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Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom will close in early 2018 for a refurbishment which will include controversial changes to the Auction scene of the ride.

The attraction will be closed February 26th to March 18th, 2018, reopening on March 19th, 2018 with the new scene.

The new auction scene will feature an auction of goods rather than for a Pirate bride.

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  • So they are going to change to scene to them auctioning goods that they killed, tortured, raped and stolen from people(aka plundered). I mean if we are being PC then there is nothing good about Pirates in general. They are no different then gangs and the mafia, just shut the whole ride down. This is how stupid this whole country is coming to. #whatashame

  • To bad Diz doesn’t give the same careful thinking to all the movie theaters they try to bully by making them keep the StarWars movies on the biggest screen at the multi-screen venues for at least 4 weeks. Used to love Disney and all did. Now, all they do is raise prices to the point the average family cannnot afford the parks.

  • I am so tired of all these snowflakes in the world. If the redhead goes, then bring back Mr Toads Wild Ride.


  • I feel bad for ugly and big woman being auction off that was probably their last chance for a husband. Look at their faces they seem happy to be there.

  • The irony, we are making changes to show that women weren’t property, but the guy drowning in the well for information totally ok. If your going to take out the historical references then take them all out. Seems like a little bit of a double standard going on here.