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New Hat Effects

The new lighting effects have finally debuted at the Sorcerer’s Hat in the Disney MGM Studios. New strobe lights have appeared on the large stars on the hat and twinkle in patterns after the day turns to night. The new effects are a great addition, look great, and most certainly prove that the Sorcerer’s Hat... Continue Reading

Goodbye Alfredo’s

Today is the last day of operation at Alfredo’s Di Roma in Epcot’s World Showcase. The Italy pavillion’s only eatery has been serving guests since October 1st, 1982. The restaurant opens tomorrow under a new name after almost 25 years of operation. Continue Reading

Another Character Buffet

Today at Animal Kingdom, the Tusker House closed to begin it’s major dining changes. The location is being changed over to a character buffet and is scheduled to open once again about the same time the new Yak and Yeti Restaurant opens in the park in November. The buffet will be open for three meals... Continue Reading

Haunted Mansion Details

I can now officially tell of four scene changes to the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Here they are: – The Portrait scene has recieved some minor changes. Some new portraits have been placed in the corridor, as well as what appears to be an open window that will blow wind and flash... Continue Reading

Pirates: Still A Classic?

By Collin Korb            Which is it? Many have their differing opinions.  In order to put this argument into perspective we need to consider a couple of key points.  First, this is one of the “original” Disney rides that debuted in Disneyland and was then transferred to the Disney parks around the world.  Second, Walt himself had... Continue Reading

Spectromagic Update

Spectromagic has had it’s first wave of changes over at the Magic Kingdom. The Spectromen have lost their light up masks and now sport face-paint and light-up wigs. Some of the floats throughout the parade have been refurbished and are working much like they did back in 1991. More changes are on the way for... Continue Reading

Playhouse Disney

A new Playhouse Disney meet and greet area has been set up right next to the theater, replacing the small shop and portrait place that once stood to the right of the Playhouse Disney Live entrance. Continue Reading

Inside Illuminations

Sparky LD returns with another behind the scenes look into the Walt Disney World theme parks. This time he reveals the inner-workings and amazing technology that brings Illuminations: Reflections of Earth to life every night at Epcot.        Video screens shaped like the continents wrap around a 400,000lb earth globe that floats onto the lagoon at Epcot. ... Continue Reading

O Canada Press Release

In September, Walt Disney World guests can glimpse today’s Canada in a 14-minute motion picture presented in CircleVision 360 as a major feature of the Canada pavilion in Epcot World Showcase. Titled “O Canada!” the updated film includes new scenes highlighting Canada’s natural beauty, cosmopolitan cities and diverse populace. In addition, the film is now... Continue Reading

A World Away

By: Carmine Torchetti             The World Showcase in Epcot houses some of the most interesting and ethnical aspects of Walt Disney World. It is indeed a classic area of the resort, comprising half the EPCOT theme park, including pavilions devoted to such countries as Italy, America, China, Japan, Morocco, Canada, England, and much more.  Indeed one of my favorite... Continue Reading

MGM No More!!!

Disney has just made it official that the Disney MGM Studios will become Disney’s Hollywood Studios in January 2008. In addition to this name change, other changes are coming. The Block Party Bash parade from California Adventure is also making it’s way to the studios in Spring 2008. Also, starting fall 2007, High School Musical 2: School’s... Continue Reading

Another Year of a Million Dreams

Disney Parks and Resorts has officially announced that the Year of a Million Dreams will be extended until December 31st, 2008. The reason for the extension is that the prize obligations promised by Disney have yet to be fufilled and must be finished to avoid any legal problems. Continue Reading

Wonders of Death Part 2

It is now official that the Wonder of Life pavillion at Epcot is gone forever. The signs from the exterior of the pavillion have been removed, both the giant DNA strand and the main sign. The final opening of the pavillion will be during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, during which the barren... Continue Reading

Rock N Refurb

It’s official, Rock N Roller Coaster at the Disney MGM Studios will be closed from September 4th- October 4th. The refurbishment is for general ride maintenance, something that should have been done during the lengthy closure earlier this year to include a single rider line. In site news, we have begun posting our new WDW... Continue Reading

Wonders of Death

Permits were filed today to remove all of the fixtures inside Epcot’s Wonders of Life pavillion. The permits are not to remove the two attractions inside the pavillion, just all of the exhibits in the middle. Starting in September the space will be used to host some exhibits of the 2007 Epcot International Food &... Continue Reading

Epcot Update

The Epcot Wand has now lost the image of Mickey’s Arm on the side facing World Showcase. The arm facing the park entrance is still standing, but should be down by early on Thursday. In other news, I have recieved notice that by the end of 2008, every Epcot dining location will have either been... Continue Reading

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