FIRST LOOK: Concept Art for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs, Opens Summer 2019

BREAKING: List of Interactive Exhibits and More Details Revealed for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs

While we have seen a few pieces of concept art and know that the NBA Experience at Disney Springs is coming Summer 2019, we know very little about what will be inside the West Side establishment when it opens. Well, at least we didn’t until now…

For the ticketed experience inside, exhibits will be distributed over 2 very tall floors, so many of the activities will be quite large and surround a “Center Court” atrium area. The “Center Court” area in the middle is reminiscent of the circular Ventureport entry area that was in DisneyQuest, so it is somewhat surprising that they bulldozed the building rather than reuse it. Perhaps at one point they wanted to reuse the DisneyQuest building, but it just didn’t completely work out for their needs?

On the first floor, guests enter through the ticketing area, go through a entry tunnel, and walk out on to Center Court. Exhibits downstairs will include the Locker Room, Hall of Champions, Hoop Sciences, and a pair of large VR Theaters. The retail shop and dining venue are also on the ground floor, but do not require tickets. As you can see in the art above, the retail shop is to the left and the dining venue the right, with the entrance to the exhibits through the center.

The second floor will feature Pop-A-Shot, Dream Dunk, Big Shot, You Make the Call, the Dream Court. One of these experiences is rumored to utilize the simulators from Cyberspace Mountain, as they were maintained and removed from DisneyQuest with labels marking them as the property of the NBA Experience.

While we still don’t know for sure what all of these exhibits are (although some seem easy to figure out based on their names), we at least now have a list of things there will be to do inside this NBA-themed interactive playground come 2019.


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