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HM Spoiler Report

Some lucky guests were able to ride the Haunted Mansion last night, here are the now confirmed changes: -The stretching room has recieved some big upgrades. The Gargoyles in the room now turn their heads, and when the lights go out, it appears that bats are flying around the room. Bursts of air are now... Continue Reading

Fastpass for a Price

In a new article on Jim Hill Media, it has been reported that Disney has patented a new fastpass system. The new system would work with mobile devices and Disney distributed devices to do away with the use of paper and park passes in the system. Guests would electronically recieve their fastpass tickets and just... Continue Reading

We All Scream For…

The new Fountainview Ice Cream location at Epcot has been doing so well that it’s hours of operation have been increased to 12:30pm-8:30pm. We may never see breakfast at the Fountainview again unless the sometimes cold winter months slow buisness down at the Ice Cream Parlor. Continue Reading

O! pening

The new version of O Canada! opened over the weekend at Epcot’s Canada Pavillion. The new version is hosted by Martin Short and is much funnier, entertaining, and contemporary according to reviews and my own personal assesment. For those of you who loved it, the theme song has remained, although it is now a pop... Continue Reading

New Hat Effects

The new lighting effects have finally debuted at the Sorcerer’s Hat in the Disney MGM Studios. New strobe lights have appeared on the large stars on the hat and twinkle in patterns after the day turns to night. The new effects are a great addition, look great, and most certainly prove that the Sorcerer’s Hat... Continue Reading

Goodbye Alfredo’s

Today is the last day of operation at Alfredo’s Di Roma in Epcot’s World Showcase. The Italy pavillion’s only eatery has been serving guests since October 1st, 1982. The restaurant opens tomorrow under a new name after almost 25 years of operation. Continue Reading

Another Character Buffet

Today at Animal Kingdom, the Tusker House closed to begin it’s major dining changes. The location is being changed over to a character buffet and is scheduled to open once again about the same time the new Yak and Yeti Restaurant opens in the park in November. The buffet will be open for three meals... Continue Reading

Haunted Mansion Details

I can now officially tell of four scene changes to the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Here they are: – The Portrait scene has recieved some minor changes. Some new portraits have been placed in the corridor, as well as what appears to be an open window that will blow wind and flash... Continue Reading

Pirates: Still A Classic?

By Collin Korb            Which is it? Many have their differing opinions.  In order to put this argument into perspective we need to consider a couple of key points.  First, this is one of the “original” Disney rides that debuted in Disneyland and was then transferred to the Disney parks around the world.  Second, Walt himself had... Continue Reading

Spectromagic Update

Spectromagic has had it’s first wave of changes over at the Magic Kingdom. The Spectromen have lost their light up masks and now sport face-paint and light-up wigs. Some of the floats throughout the parade have been refurbished and are working much like they did back in 1991. More changes are on the way for... Continue Reading

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