Cutesters Like You Vinylmation Explained

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Update: 5/25/11 Disney today updated their page with official names for these vinyls. It’s kinda out of the routine for them, should we be expecting this more often? We also heard that several stores have released them early, so check out your local Disney Store!

Coming exclusively to Disney Stores on June 6th will be the limited release blind box Cutesters Like You series. This series will be priced at $9.95 and is designed by Dan Beltran (9″ Jumba and other Villains). It is a bit surprising, looking at the figures, this isn’t a Maria Clapsis or Lisa Badeen project. What do you think of the set?

Release Date: June 6
Price: $9.95
Artist: Dan Beltran

Dreamy (Disney)

It’s a little read haired girl in her PJ’s. Look at the details… Bunny slippers on her feet and what must be one of the last sheep jumping in her ear as she is already asleep by the closed eyes and the Z’s.
Schooly (Disney)

A girl in pigtails with a blue skirt and red bow. The colors look reminiscent of a sailor.
Frenchy (Disney)

This girl has a very artsy, Parisian look to her. The red scarf and beret are the perfect touch. And she has a heart in her right ear. And Je t’aime, I Love You, in her left ear.
Hippie (Disney)

A very 60’s look to this girl. She sports the bear feet look or has sandals and you can see the painted toenails. The colors are perfect, and I like the purple tinted glasses. A nice little guitar and the added touch of flowers in her ears of course!
Smarty (Disney)

Continuing the wonderful color pallet used in this set, this figure has bright purple hair, dark purple pants and a light purple tie. She is dressed in a striped shirt with a bracelet on her left wrist and glasses painted on. She must be a good student, getting A+ grades and with schoolwork on her mind.
Tuney (Disney)

She is ready for the band! A very happy look to the green haired girl. She is wearing headphones, has a record on her shirt and music notes in her ears. She also has an MP3 player strapped to her side.
Glammy (Disney)

It appears to be a celebrity dressed up for a movie premier under the stars. A camera in one ear is snapping pictures. She has a fashionable pink dress on with elbow length pink gloves. She has hair sitting on her shoulders and a diamond necklace and earrings as well.
Excercisey (Disney)

She is about to hit the track and exercise. She is wearing sneakers with wrist and head bands. Here ears read “No pain, No gain.” Game on!
Hero-y (Disney)

She appears ready to fit crime and make the world a better place for girls everywhere. She has a masked face and big purple star on her costume’s front. Purple gloves, shoes and eye wear.
Pandy (Disney)

This reminds us of the Squirrel and Tiger kids from Cutesters Too. This time it’s a panda costume with a little blonde girl peaking out.
Rocky (Disney)

She looks a bit on the tough side. Dark purple hair and ponytails. Lightning bolt on her shirt. She is wearing a studded belt and bracelet.
Cutesters Like You box design

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  • The “astrology” girl is actually a “star” she has paparazzi following her, that’s a camera on her upper right ear.

  • I NEED the sailor Girl! SO Glad that I work at a store 4 stores away from The Disney Store at the Florida Mall!!!!!!

  • Is it just me or do these remind anyone of Japanese anime?? I also noticed the hideous new mold under that bright colors.

  • OK so this is by far the worst series ever created…ever. They do look like anime characters- either that of they all just ate a lemon. I was recently at WDW and noticed that in EVERY trade box, there was at least one of the creepy kids from cutesters too that look exactly like this series. The big open trading box at the Emporium shop at MK had 2 of each creepy child- the cashier had to go in the back room and get more to swap them out herself. I predict no one will want these either.

  • I like these, they’re very girly but I don’t really like the new mold.
    The purple girl is actually a school girl and in one ear she has a little book with a pencil and the other ear has an A+ on it.
    The sporty has No Pain in one ear and No Gain in the other.

  • Actually, I think these look better than I expected. I don’t really care for the Cutesters kids from the last set, but these are kind of cute. And I’m glad the girls have some sass–they’re not all “princessy”.

  • Josh :Is it just me or do these remind anyone of Japanese anime?? I also noticed the hideous new mold under that bright colors.

    that new mold has got to go!! thumbs down!

  • Not a huge fan of these… And I don’t like that they strayed away from the traditional mold. But perhaps they will be a hit with young girls… who knows?

  • When I saw the new pictures, I said “What the heck?” These things are just so FAKE looking (relatively speaking). If Disney just wants a smooth canvas to paint on, just make a snowman shape or something to that effect. The new mold is turning out as we collectors expected……a terrible representation of Mickey. This new set looks even worse than Sea Creatures. Seems the more detail and color you put on the new mold vinyls, the cheesier they look. I LOVE Disney artists, but HATE new mold vinyls!!!!!

  • in my opinion…the new molds are the begining of the end for Vinylmations….so sad:(

  • Hi there, I designed this series. :) I’m glad to see the strong reactions for and against the series. A bit of trivia: when I designed them, the designs were going to be on the original mold. However when they went to production, they decided to go with the new mold. I can see details I would have designed differently had I known, but overall I’m still very happy with the results.

  • What’s the big deal? The only difference in the mold is it doesn’t have buttons or a nose. And I’m prety sure they only used this mold for this one set. And so what if these are girly and kiddy? Dude! There called cutesters! And IMO, I love these designs! They are adorable! I have Rocky. My sister has Tuney.

  • A really nice sales girl at a Disney store showed me these in the bag they got for display like a month ago and they were AMAZING. I begged the store manager to sell me them, they are sooooooo cute (and yes. I hate the new mold too).

  • Got one for my daughter and I couldn’t believe how bad the paint job was on it (she got schooly). I thought one of the reasons for the new mold was for a better application of artwork? If this is “better” I would hate to see it on the old mold!
    Really bad edges between colors like they picked up the mask while the paint was still being applied. And streaky white paint strokes on the shirt.

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