Vinylmation Speculation: Noah’s Pirate AND Mermaid?

Update: 5/14/11 In yet another odd change of events, last night @noahfineart announced that the Little Mermaid custom was not the only one he was doing. He is also doing the Pirates 9″ custom. We haven’t seen any confirmation, but we assume that this is the 9″ Custom that will be released with a signing on May 20th.
For the full pic check out this post:

Update: 5/11/11 Noah posted another clue on twitter. This time he says, “a girl”. Does this mean he made a custom of the famous “redhead” from the auction scene in the ride? If not, this might mean that he’s going a different direction, and it might not be pirate related at all! Any thoughts?
We decided to break all this speculation into a separate post, to keep the May 21st Pirate Custom release post.

Update: 5/10/11 We are still waiting word on what Noah meant by yesterday’s tweet about a new Vinylmation release. We are speculating he is the artist behind this May 21st custom Pirates Vinylmation and a look at his blog today added more fuel to that speculation. Noah attended the May 7th Disneyland premiere of the newest Pirates movie to sign his work for guests. Noah also produced this piece of Pirates artwork:

Update: 5/9/11 On the podcast (and on this post) we’ve compared this release to the release of the Noah special 9″ TRON customs. Now there’s reason to believe that he might actually be the artist of this one to. Tonight @NoahDineArt tweeted this:
Remember that the Noah TRON series had 36 individual custom 9″ figures. Each vinyl cost $595.00. Will that part stay the same too? Since the announcement at the Art of Disney blog is only for California, will this series be smaller than 36? The release date is fast approaching. I have a feeling we will find out more, really really soon.
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