Adventurer’s Club & BET Soundstage Coming Down as Hyperion Wharf Goes Up

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That’s right, the Adventurer’s Club and the BET Soundstage buildings are about to come down at the former Pleasure Island. But what will be replacing them? For now, just grass:

“Seed & Mulch”, the same that can currently be found on the plots that were Rock ‘N’ Roll Beach Club and Motion. Now a new patch of grass will appear temporarily at the other side of the island. Fans of Comedy Warehouse will be happy to know that the building will remain in-tact and is labeled as a “Future Entertainment Parcel”.

You may recognize the photo above as the plaza and small elevated stage between Portobello and Fulton’s. Thankfully, this area is getting a new look as well:

A good portion of this project has already been completed (namely, the new bridge to Marketplace), but there is still a bit to go.

This layout shows the new park area on the waterfront between Paradiso 37 and the former Rock ‘N’ Roll Beach Club, as well as the new path that will allow guests to walk past the left side of Portobello directly into the heart of the island. Let’s take a closer look at the new park:

Expect to see much of this work begin very soon. The entire document with these plans can be found at this link. Stay tuned to WDW News Today as we keep you updated on the transition from Pleasure Island to Hyperion Wharf!

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