Episode 027 The Little Mermaid

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Ep. 027 The Little Mermaid
A great release day at D-Street was the highlight of this show. Up, Alien Encounter, and Sam the Eagle all scored big review points. We talked with Cynthia, a DV fan and Bay Area resident who went to the Sci-Fi Trading Acadamy and the SF exclusive release. As always, we have the latest news and release dates. And we answer your questions and take your comments in the Mystery Mail Bag.
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Nick LoCicero

Nick LoCicero has almost 20 years experience in the media industry. He has worked on numerous Disney related media projects, most know at WDWNT for WDW News Tonight. He has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982. After moving to Orlando in the late 90's he became a passholder, developed a fascination with the history of the vacation kingdom and has spent way too much money on park merchandise.


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  • I dont like that disney doesnt give them the figures they created. Feel so bad for the artist themselves because disney is making money off their work (selling thousands of copies) and they dont even get compensation for it (a prototype or a finished piece). You may take my opinion from a different stance, but its totally not fair. They should reward the artists for their work. Just saying.

    Whats your stance on this guys, me and my cousin were going back and forth and ended up agreeing of what I said. Giving the artist who designed that figure, compensation with at least their figure as a commemorative gift. Its the least Disney could do.

    Anyway great episode, MC/Nick hope you took my advice about the california ap exclusives, theyll be around for a while. Dont have to waste money and fly down there….totally not worth it even at this economy these days.

    Two more suggestions for a future episode: Hope you take this into consideration:

    1.) Bad impressions: Pirates example, Disney though it was clever enough to max the price point on these ones just for the accessories. This is their first official park only series that is going to be on the new mold, and they cant promote them as 9.95. It has been confirmed that the price is going to be 12.95 each on these, really worried about how they move foward from this. Soon blind boxes will be 13.95 or up, I cant do anything to compensate their mistakes.

    1b.) Disney in-store Trading: I dont necessarily like how the trading policy actually works at my disney stores. Honestly, I havent come across any good figures through the trading boxes…Here they are stuck with big babys, phils, gear bears, etc. The thing I dont get is why dont they put something actually good their so it can attract more traders to come and enjoy trading with the cast members. For example, if they had 2-3 designated trading boxes at each location, it offers variety (important) and second a better chance to stuff them with figures from a series currently released. Its a billion dollar company, and they cant stick a miss piggy or a zoot in the trading box. Ridiculous. In other words, they promote trading in a bad way…placing bad figures that people wouldnt want as traders and allowing the guests to control the box.

    Suggestion on point #1 :
    In store trading: What they should do is that management should have a bunch of vinyls in the back from any of the newer series, and refresh the trading box when needed or after the day is done. There was no need to go back to my local disney store and see the same exact trading box since they started a couple weeks ago. Absurd.
    Price: In regards to the 3 inch vinyls mystery series, if youre planning to buy a case. No need for different prices for cases, they should have a set price rather than having price points all scattered all over the place. $238.80 is the most reasonable and sought after for most collectors.

    2.) Advertising: I agree with you guys about the limited edition items having a time frame rather than the mentality of ” I have to go there in a day to get the item…because it might be sold out”. Also, with releases. They dont update the blog as they used to in regards to releases etc…. One thing I hate is waking up in the morning and finding out there is a 9 inch vinyl out there for sale on the online store which in that case was cutesters like you. Another example, is that Robots is suppose to come out this July. They havent released any artwork, etc…. (There are pictures someone took from Japan/Hong Kong somewhere). I dont especially like how there doing this, thinking they can release a bunch of stuff in a matter of days and think that people already saved that kind of money for it, in regards to both limited and open edition stuff.

    Suggestions: Have a monthly calendar, or plan a schedule on when the releases should happen. Widen the gaps so that people can at least breathe after the releases, sooner or later people will notice that they already catched the Vinyl bug (addiction). With limited edition stuff, they should stop!!!!!! encouraging people to go there on that very day and just hop on a plane afterwards… Thats not what I call magical…..thats why I typically argue about the limited edition stuff (some of the production) being online. Nick likes stuff being at D-Street sometimes, I agree with what he meant by that, but at least you have to offer some online…not everything but some stuff at least.

    I hope you read this and reply or take my suggestions into consideration for an upcoming episode. If not, thats fine.

    For the pirates release, I know managers might be there. Steven Miller and Donald Ferro of course. Im not saying you guys have any problems with how they are dealing with things, however if you do have some technical issues, please address them to the managers. Im just offering some suggestions on the kinds of issues many people have and want to address. It seems to me, that they are taking vinyls in a bad direction in regards to marketing, branding, and interaction with the guest ( Not the cast members…the managers).

    If you have any concerns, just address them. Hopefully they take your concerns and help change the way they do things. I dont want another goof troop debacle to happen once again. Keep doing what you do guys, hope you read this. I contributed a sample of what I wanted to say.

  • sorry, but yall said that there were not any 9 inches with accessories, but there are currently three…there is th Hyacinth Hiipo from animation 1 with her tutu, the Bolt figure the collar tag from animation 1, and Same the Eagle’s tail from the Muppets 2. sorry to point this out, but these are some of my favorite figures.


    • Totally correct. In fact Sam was staring at us the whole recording. Maybe I didn’t say it right, but I was referring to removable accessories like hats. Sam and Bolt (can’t wait to get him) are two of my favorites as well.

  • I also just came across country and discovered many stores that you dont have listed in where to buy vinylmation and pop figures. There is one in Aurora, CO; Orem, UT; Albuquerque, NM; El Paso, and Fort Worth, TX; Metarie, LA; Mobile, AL; Marietta, GA; and Greenville, SC.

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