Adam Roth’s 7/17/11 Magic Kingdom Photo Report

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Adam Roth visited the Magic Kingdom on sunday morning and has a number of newsworthy photos from Fantasyland and beyond to share with us, so let’s take a look:

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Construction walls up at the tram unloading platform  Transportation & Ticket Center

Still pushing Star Tours

The morning opening show!

Talking Mickey was added to the show a few months ago

Howdy Scoop Sanderson!

The confetti was removed, there’s now some pyro! Still believe in those entertainment budget cuts?


The now closed Balzac vendor can be seen on the left :(

The rock-work on Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid looks great!

Work going on in the Storybook Circus section

Prince Eric’s castle now has some red paint around the windows


The Dumbo queue hasn’t made much visible progress lately

Barnstormer/Great Goofini seems to be coming along…

“Be Our Guest” Restaurant progress

Bonjour! Village Gifts is coming along quickly as well

Maurice’s Cottage has looked like this for a while now

The Rock-work is slowly being completed

The rock-work is getting pretty tall

It actually reaches up towards the castle level

Some filming in Fantasyland

The Skyway Station is still gone

Scrims and construction walls up in the passage between Adventureland and Frontierland

Hi Angelica…

Work continues on the Enchanted Tiki Room

“Bye-bye birdie”

Work walls have moved outward

Wait times for Mickey and the Princesses at Town Square Theater

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Jennifer Bureau
Jennifer Bureau

Nice to see actual wait times for Mickey and the Princesses! Psyched to see the Tiki Room wall has extended too… moving right along. But, what is the deal with the walls at the T&TC?


The rock work height really helps the forced perspective of the castle.  It looks even further away now, in the picture that is.  Any idea what they were filming?


Great pics as usual. It is cool to see the progress of the Fantasyland expansion every week. Since I am a DVC member we try to go to WDW at least twice a year but this year we decided to go for 2 weeks at once and explore more of Orlando area and check out the hotels we haven't visited in the years of vacations due to limited time. Did you guys see the information posted the other day on Syfy website by Jeff Spry about "6 upcoming ride-based movies Disney hopes will be the next Pirates". Interesting article, here… Read more »

Ashley McChesney
Ashley McChesney

Am I the only one that is suprised about Angelica getting a character spot, is she going on the ride as well? As always, great pics :)