Robots Vinylmation Explained

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Here is you look at both the 3″ and 9″ figures in the Robots series. Robots is a set of 11 blind box Vinylmation with 1 Mystery Chaser and 3 limited edition 9″ figures. Robots is exclusive to Disney Stores and was designed by artists Oscar Mendez, Jim Valeri, Enrique Pita, Gerald Mendez and Marcella Lau.
Release Date: July 22, 2011
Retail: $9.95/box and $238/case
Atomic Bot 3″
by Oskar Mendez

This fiery figure has a cool skull-like plate on it’s face.
Communication Bot 3″
by Oskar Mendez

This one is a bit more plain than the others in the set. It has a Tron-like disc on the body. It’s colors seem to represent crash test dummy more than communicator.

Cranky Bot 3″
by Jim Valeri

Disney says that even Robots can get a little cranky. This guy has some cool detail. Clear ears with light bulbs, one broken. Clear arms with scratched up paint. Some chips on the belly and a chipped tooth.

“Best in the set.” – Nick

El Elektro Bot 3″
by Enrique Pita

A Mexican Wrestler style Robot. With his lightning bolts all over and flames in the ears, this guy has a lot of spark. The colors are great on this one.

Ignition Bot 3″
by Gerald Mendez

He has a couple bolts in his ears and screws all over his body and arms. A big red on / off button decorates his body. He has a cool steel color scheme.

Love Bot 3″
by Enrique Pita

Disney would like you to know that Robots have feelings too! With a big grin and a warm heart, this red and black robot is ready for love. Or does he use his innocent face to steal other’s hearts? He has big bolts in his ears and pac man shaped eyes.

Radio Bot 3″
by Enrique Pita

It looks like he has dials for eyes and little antenna actually attached to his head. Some mesh ears to catch or send radio waves? And what looks like speakers on the body.

Security Bot 3″
by Gerald Mendez

He has a clear head and few cool features. First, the wavy brown lines across the forehead look like hair. The bulbs for eyes look good too. I also like the wave representing the mouth.
Steampunk Bot 3″
by Gerald Mendez

We first called this Robot C3-PRobot. But toss some gears on and Disney has yet another Steampunk figure. He has clear ears with some bulbs painted in.

Tesla Bot 3″
by Jim Valeri

Disney calls this one “the mad scientist of the bunch.” Ya, he has some nifty coils in his ears, but can he play “Secrets” by One Republic?

UltraSonic Bot 3″
by Enrique Pita

This is a busy design. It looks like this Robot can DJ you next party. Some turntables on the body with volume faders. You can see the sound waves all around this figure.

Mystery Chaser

9″ Robot Vinylmation
Release Date: July 22, 2011
Retail: $39.95
LE: 700

Here is a peak at the backs:

Reflector Bot 9″
by Oskar Mendez

LE 700

This Robot really shines.
With cool aqua colors, the eyes remind me of webbed feet.

Salvage Bot 9″
by Jim Valeri

LE 700

An amazing design with a Robot in the “cockpit” drawn in the head. He is at the controls. Another great feature is the satellite dishes in the ears. They have a neat shadow effect.

Silly Bot 9″
by Marcella Lau

LE 700

This guy scares me. The name describes the crazy face. He has some wacky piston like designs in the body and a big metal cap with antennas. This is probably to keep the aliens from reading his brain.

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  1. I don’t think I’ll go out of my way for any of these. I like the designs of a few so if I run across them in a trade box or something I might grab them but I don’t think I’ll be buying any blind boxes.

    I agree on the Silly Bot. It creeps me out. Since my Vinylmation are in my bedroom I would not want to wake up and find that think looking at me.

  2. I quite like this set, its quite a unique and rather different set to look at. The colours, the designs and the amount of detail are great, problem with robots it that they often look similar but the fantastic vm artists have overcome this, with each robot having its own purpose or emotion. The only thing I can see to their downfall is that they’re not recognisable characters, if they had been disney robots they would be more popular. On the other hand it means trying to fit the character onto the vinyl shape plus I don’t think there are enough robots for a set (unless they included park animatronics =)

    One thing I do have to say is that the new mold is great for this set!

    Also how come there is a sudden rush of Disney shop exclusives, unless they’re becoming more popular than the park shops?

  3. I work at the largest mall in the US and the Disney store is only getting the 3″. Not sure what locations will get the 9″.

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