Star Wars Vinylmation: The Adventure Continues…

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Very exciting news for Star Wars fans this week on Star Wars 2, an Open Window Set, and possibly some new figures as early as this Fall. First off, when asked if Rex, the droid from Star Tours, will be included in Star Wars Series 2, Donald Ferro, Vinylmation Project Manager, said “We’ll be very pleased around the time of the Florida Project.”

Rex – Star Tours. Copyright

Will we see some Star Tours Vinylmation? Or, in my opinion, better yet a series of Disney Robots? I still think it’s a great idea to put out a Disney Robots set. There are plenty to fill in a set, Also, I would like to get an alternate version of Wall-E that’s at an accessible price point. Remember this EPCOT banner that we first saw on Vinylmation Kingdom?

Wall-E on new mold

I went and checked that out in person the other day. Had to see the Robots and Spaced themed vinyl for myself. On this banner are never before seen Vinylmation (Figment in Space Suit), as well as previously released Vinylmation on the new mold (C-3PO, Tron, Boba Fett).

Vincent from Disney’s “Black Hole”

Next, Star Wars Series 2. No word on characters, but they are planning a 2011 release for this 12 figure Mystery Box set. Will series 2 be focused on secondary characters? Or will some of the main characters make appearances with different clothing?

Now, how about the open window Star Wars Vinylmation? This is different from Series 2 and Donald Ferro said he is “confident” of a Summer 2011 release. Possibly before Celebration VI (the Star Wars fan fest held in Orlando August 23-26 2011). So what will be in these? I have two thoughts:

1. Clone Wars Vinylmation

I for one really enjoy this animated series. I just watched much of the Clone Wars marathon on Cartoon Network on the 4th of July. I’m a fan of the style of characters and the universe has great characters. Not to mention that Disney has been heavily pushing the Clone Wars series. At Star Wars Weekend the past two years, Clone Wars heavily influenced the characters, merchandise, guest appearances, and signage. Also, Series 5 of Disney’s line of toys that feature Disney Characters as Star Wars characters will be Clone Wars themed.

Display at Star Wars Weekends 2011

This set is due out this Fall. I really like these figures and have been collecting them since series 1 a few years back. And these characters lead me nicely into…

2. Disney Characters as Star Wars Characters Vinylmation

I would be a big fan of these too. As I said, I already collect the action figures they make in this series.

Small part of my collection

It’s a combo of two of my favorite things, and issuing these as open window makes a lot of sense. Remember, Open Window doesn’t have to be 12 figures. They can do 6 or 8. So, those are my ideas for the Open Window… what do you think?

One last thing… More Star Wars Series 1 will hit shelves this Summer or Fall. Donald said they planned for it to be around for a year or so like many of the series, but demand far outpaced production. They decided not to up the rate of production, hence the periods of no Star Wars cases in D-Street.

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    • Awesome thank you. I hope they do it like Buzz with the helmet. Figment is by far my favorite disney park character.

  • At the Disney Store I shop at. They said a Robots series is coming July 17th to Disney stores. Not sure if everyone knew that

  • So are these apart of the robot set? I don’t see why figment would be in it… I guess he is animatronic in the ride, but still.

    • Hey guys! I need to clarify a few things. The Robots set I speculate on above is different from the July release you speak of. That will not be Disney Robots. I’m just saying it would be cool to either have a Star Tours set with Rex or a Disney Robots set with Rex.

      As for Figment, if I was not clear in the article, I am sorry. I do not lump Figment in with the Robots (hence did not post Figment picture here). I was simply stating Figment was featured on this banner along with the other Robots and Space Themed figures. Only 2, Vincent and Wall-E are directly related to my Disney Robots speculation.

      What do you think about the Open Window Star Wars? And who do you want to see in Star Wars 2?

  • so. i’m not convinced that this banner is a look at a re-ralease, as much as just artistic renderings of what’s already been done… just on the new mold art shape for the banner. look closely at the whole banner. the alien is represented on the new mold. but we know it’s U7 and Original Mold.

  • how do we know that the wall-e is on the new mold? i am fairly new to vinylmation and can’t tell the difference in pictures

  • i want robots!! that would be probably the only set i would want COMPLETELY!! Hope they do it

  • i have 3 out of the 12 robots in the new robots series but they are not disney robot characters they are just made up robots in different settings like one i have is a type of radio system

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