D23 Vinylmation Preview: Florida Project

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I can’t wait for the Florida Project! September 9-11 at EPCOT. We already knew all the figures for purchase, but we got a peek at the ‘gift’ given to people who registered for the Vinylmation day:

It’s a Minnie Mouse. I don’t know about you, but this figure doesn’t do much for me. Its kind of plain. I like the bow, but a generally ugly piece. Your thoughts?

The Orange Bird is a different story. I know we already have one (the AP Exclusive), but this one has a different facial expression and a Mickey Ear Hat! This guy will be only available through trading with Cast Members at the Florida Project.

Here is a look at the 3″ available. Dumbo will be sold with a 9″ Mickey and Pooh will be sold solo.

On the right, is the 9″ Mickey that is packaged with the 3″ Dumbo. On the left is the 9″ Empress Lily. Check out our Florida Project Explained page for more info.

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  • The reason it’s a “gift” is because they know they only way to get rid of it is to give it away. Can you imagine how many of these would be sitting on the shelves if they tried to charge for them. That Minnie is the UGLIEST vinylmation ever created!

  • All the new vinylmations look like they are obese. A social commentary on American society perhaps? It. Is. Over. Folks. Vinylmation is dead! Lol.

  • Ugly Minnie is the consequence of a poooooor design decision courtesy of Disney and its new Vinylmation mold.

  • Minnie would look better on the old mold but she could have worked on the new mold, if they adapted the sizing and positioning of facial features. But what is she wearing? At least she’s free.

    • Her outfit is the cast member costume from the Walt Disney World preview center from the 70’s. If her face was proportioned the wat the Cruise Line Minnie is she’d look fine.

  • Obese Minnie? A tribute to Thomas Scott’s art/proof/print in 30 secs or less NEW mold process!! I am excited for the NEW mold process! How about you guys?
    Thomas, wake up dude!! I have seen your work. You are talented, but this Obese Minnie and the other DCL vinyls are atrocious! It doesn’t matter if the artists’ designs go to proofs with less imperfections and redos than the OLD mold process when the final product just doesn’t work. As a Disney shareholder, I don’t want my money invested in inventory sitting around warehouses because people WILL NOT buy these UGLY pieces of vinyl. You guys said the NEW mold would be better. The designs could hold more details. The paint would be better. So far, there have been MORE designs that have FAILED than show promise to a better product. I was hoping that you would roll out a revised product closer to the OLD mold Mickey we ALL love. Instead, you went the opposite way. More designs that don’t work well on the NEW mold. Just because you can make more designs, faster than before, thus getting them to market faster DOES NOT mean you should.
    TAKE YOUR TIME! Go back to the OLD mold. You WILL make more MONEY with it because collectors WILL buy them because they LIKE them!

  • That Minnie is absolutely unholy. Who thought that looked good?

    It’s kind of funny that the mouse characters now look bad on a figure that was originally designs to look like them.

  • The bird is sort of cute — like the hat. Minnie on the new mold (and the new mold in general) = horrible!

  • sometimes i almost come around to new mold. not in general. because i think the original mold did a lot to spruce up low-end designs. basically… there are designs that i promise you are in my collection that wouldn’t be if on the new mold. it’s gonna make my selection process far easier. and my money will be FAR less spent. that said, if the designs are awesome, i can deal with it. it’s a hard sell to my fiance’ however.

    this minnie… doesn’t help. it hurts my cause to still collect cause it’s our fun hobby. this may go on record as the worst vinylmation. ever. i’ll take a big baby over this. and that things is creepy. and i’m pretty sure is gonna come alive and kill my in my sleep. when you produce this kind of poor design… it solidifies people like my fiance’ or brad’s view that this is the worst ever.

    it’s bad enough that the quality of the mold is so poor (can i say, i’d expect a toy in a happy meal to have this kind of feel to it). but like brad said… at least prove you point. *sigh* this may have just ended vinylmation for my household, since my soon to be wife doesn’t want these vinyls… how do she put it? oh yea… “Destroying the quality of our original collection.”

  • The Minnie doesn’t look great but she isn’t all that bad. She’ll make the other Minnie’s in my collection feel better about themselves.

    The new Orange Bird is cute. I will definitely be trading for one of them at the FL Project.

    I’m mixed on the new mold. I think it worked really well for the Robots series but I’ll reserve judgment on these until I actually have them in hand. Cannot wait for the FL Project!

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