Episode 032 Panda

Ep. 032 Panda
This week we talk about the Doug Vinylmation, another crazy Disney Afternoons release. Davy Crockett was also released the weekend. How does Davy stand up against the other great Park 9″ figures? We have all the latest news, including It’s a Small World, Alice in Wonderland, and The Lion King. Plus up to date release dates. And, as always, a Mystery Mail Bag filled to the brim with your questions and comments.
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Konrad Neumann (@VinylKonrad)
Konrad Neumann (@VinylKonrad)
8 years ago

i agree. over signing? oh no everybody, the ebay market is crashing! sorry. i say: get over it. i’m a collector… i’m like you. I get these because i WANT them… if someday we get rid of them… then we get rid of them. it’s nice to have the LE or signed one…. because i want them. sorry. Like i said to someone else: “yes. i harp on the site. as some one who works in the web, and has worked on direct web based platforms for companies like PwC, Microsoft, GM, Tyco, etc… the site is an abomination! if… Read more »

8 years ago

Yes!! over signing… I don’t buy items to sell on the ebay but have bought a few items from the ebay and I buy what I like and am willing to pay for it if need be. As with any collectable there are going to be items that are harder to get and will go on the top shelf of peoples collections because they are rare. If there was an unlimited supply of every item they would be toys and not collectable and maybe 30 years down the road they may be collectable. I personally don’t care if there are… Read more »

8 years ago

New mold!? You Mickey Head new mold? Argh!!!

I’ve seen a couple cool designs, but original mold is SO much better than new mold. There are so many new vinylmations that I’m seeing that look so bland with the new mold. The face lines, nose, and buttons are such a huge part of making all these vinylmations look so cool.

You’re breaking my heart here!

“Otherwise, great show guys!”

– John in Oklahoma.

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