Episode 034 Poncho

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Ep. 034 Poncho
This week we talk about the much anticipated Lion King set. We review Black and White, China Pavilion and Materhorn, we reminisce about EPCOT’s Kitchen Kaberet, and we discus the upcoming D23 Expo. We of course deliver the latest Vinylmation news and rumors and have an up to date schedule of release dates and events. The winner of the Robots Contest is announced. Oh, and we read your comments and questions in the Mystery Mail Bag.

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Nick LoCicero

Nick LoCicero has almost 20 years experience in the media industry. He has worked on numerous Disney related media projects, most know at WDWNT for WDW News Tonight. He has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982. After moving to Orlando in the late 90's he became a passholder, developed a fascination with the history of the vacation kingdom and has spent way too much money on park merchandise.


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  • The reason they didn’t drop the price on Park 5 is because it’s been gone (at least at DL) since April. It’s out of print and out of stock.

  • Thanks for the nice words!

    Heads up, Merlin and Bolt now have a release date of September 2nd at both D-Streets.

  • Loved the PodCast. BUT: Please don’t encourage Disney to take D23 from California! PLEASE!!! lol. FL already got Trade City, Florida Project, It has 7 parks vs. CA’s 2 parks. WDW has cast chasers where DL doesn’t. Florida has soooo many events and features about Disney that us CA fans don’t get to participate in, Including MANY D23 exclusive events. The D23 Expo is our only perk these days!!!

    • A.J., I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree. I haven’t yet joined D23 because of the lack of events in Orlando. They are mostly in CA. They finally spread the love with the Destination D: WDW 40th event in May. You have AP exclusive vinyl. True, we do have the better parks :) WDW kicks DLR’s butt. I’ll give you that. But you guys also get many attractions before we do. I still support the idea of a D23 in O-Town. Who’s with me!

  • Eh Ehm. Not That i’m trying to correct the pro’s here but: On the D23 Events calendar it says:

    -D23’s Sip & Stroll
    October 16-17, 2011
    Epcot, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

    -D23’s Magic and Merriment
    December 9-10 and 11-12, 2011
    Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

    There was a D23 event in Burbank on 7/23 and then there’s the Expo in Anaheim. So it would seem that D23 has equal representation between CA (2 events from 7/11-12/11) and FL (2 events from 7/11-12/11).

    Trust me, I would LOVE to visit WDW as I hear amazing things about it, especially the Vinylmation scene. It is endlessly frustrating to have a lack of resources for Vinyls here in CA, it seems like everyone who has olds or chasers want you to trade your soul for one, and then I see people in FL talking about great “2 for 1” trades to get chasers or olds! I had to trade 4 vinyls to get the Candy Apple chaser last weekend because there is simply a lack of resource here. Now I hold no hard feelings toward Orlando, but I am glad that after hearing all I have heard about the amazing things that happen over there in this scene, that CA finally gets some vinyl-coated love too. Can’t wait to hit the trading arena this weekend! :)

    • P.S. Correct me if I’m wrong but I read that WDW got MR. Toad and Orange Bird weeks before DLR got them… I know we have Ariel’s Adventure and Goofy’s Sky School, but those were commemorative Vinyls, not just AP…

      • Lol, fair enough. Keep up the great work BTW. For the most part I always come here to stay up to date on the stuff going on with VM’s. I would love to hear your take on the new Project Z stuff that came out this week (pirate pic, small world pic, follow the shadows etc.) :)

        • AJ,
          As a Disney collector and D23 member, living half way between both parks, I live in Texas, I can say that both parks have their upsides as far as collecting goes. DLR has, for the longest time, been king of pin trading. Because the parks are smaller, everyone seems to know everyone else, thus giving a sense of community. Whereas, WDW is so big and spread out with higher attendance, it has always been less personable than DLR as far as pin trading goes. Both parks have their regulars that show up at DTDs and the usual places in the parks, but you are more likely to see people you know at DLR than at WDW.
          With Destination Vinylmation coming on the Vinylmation scene, WDW is getting more regular traders walking around, however, because of the vast size and higher attendance, WDW gets more turnover in their Mystery Trader boxes, so it is easier to find more variety and that occasional treasure that gets picked up quickly at DLR. The DCA construction doesn’t help with the reduction of trading places.
          Also, DLR has a larger ebay seller presence than WDW. Again, the Mystery Trader boxes at DLR get combed quite regularly relative to WDW with the increase ebay seller presence. I think a couple of reasons DLR has more ebay sellers is it has more merch that appeals more to Disney collectors. In CA, you have the Disney Soda Fountain, Mickey’s of Glendale, etc. that FL doesn’t have. The CMs in DLR get involved with trading more so than in FL. WDW CMs get cast exclusives, but don’t get the WDI (as easily) and Studio pins. CMs in WDW have to pay HIGH shipping costs for a single WDI pin, whereas DLR CMs just drive to Glendale to buy theirs. Also, you throw in more events like SciFi and last years HM 40th and all these lend themselves to a better trading atmosphere. I hate to say it, but if Disney keeps ramping up Vinylmation releases, DLR will supplant WDW as a better Vinylmation place like they did with pins! For now, DLR is a tougher place to find easy trades unless you have friends that are fair traders.
          Now D23 is a different story. I signed up for D23 on the first Day (March 10, 2009) in the first hour and watched as ALL the D23 events were happening at DLR. It took quite awhile for WDW to get their 1st event and that was it for awhile, whereas, DLR had the Studio events like the “Fabulous & 50” movies, Burbank studio tours (back when they were free to D23 members), Up All Night premiere, Disney Archives, etc. Then to top it off, DLR gets the first TWO D23 Expos! WDW was the lonely stepdaughter. D23 has stepped it up in FL, but they are way behind in the number of D23 events. CA D23 members definitely get their moneys worth relative to the FL members. It’s nice that the EXPO will alternate back and forth between the two parks from now on. With the 2012 EXPO being at WDW, I can see a big increase in D23 memberships in the FL area. Then, more events will be held there.

          I have been to DLR twice in the last year and in Oct, I will be making my third trip to WDW in the same timeframe. I had more fun at DLR trading lanyard pins, but more fun at WDW trading Vinylmations. D23 was better at DLR. Getting to see Swiss Family Robinson at the Burbank studio was a blast. A studio tour was icing on the cake! I would have made the Winnie the Pooh D23 at the DSF, but circumstances held me up a day or I could have added that one to the resume. I did get a D23 Christmas pin at WDW last Nov. That was as exciting as it got. Have fun with the comparisons on whose Park is better while I sit in the Texas heat melting with 58+ days of 100º weather wishing Oct would hurry up and get here so I can sample a little Food & Wine!!

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