Kermit and Animal on Display at D-Street

Both the Kermit and Animal 9″ Muppet 2 figures come out on August 5 in D-Street and Online. They are both LE 1500 and retail for $44.95. There was a nice surprise on Kermit’s back by the way.

Kermit and Animal 9″ Muppets 2
Back of 9″ Kermit’s hat

Look at that! Even tourist Kermit gets his name stitched into the back of his ear hat.

9″ Kermit Muppets 2
9″ Animal Muppets 2

Animal’s drumstick was a little smaller than we expected from the pictures, but it’s a nice fit in his hand and with the size of the figure.

9″ Animal Muppets 2
Doug in Hand
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