ZoMG: Darkwing Release at DLR

Wow. As far as Vinylmation release mornings go I would have to say, in my years of Vinylmation experience this was insane!!

I went to this release morning, or night I should say, around 11:30pm. My boyfriend said I should get there early just because this release seemed so popular! I agreed and we made it down to the downtown Disney parking lot. To my surprise at 11:45 the night BEFORE the release (well 15 minutes before haha) there were 6 cars already parked in line to get inside!!

Wow! I couldn’t believe it! Thank goodness we ended up getting there when we did! Slowly people starting pulling up behind us in line and forming different rows. The lines went as far back down the street past the Disneyland hotel!

Because so many people showed up for this release around 4:00am security guards starting letting us know that they were going to let us in the parking lot early. So basically time to turn on your engines!!! Everyone had a quick panic including myself!

They raised bars and all the cars starting speeding through the parking lot to get a good spot!! Thank goodness my boyfriend has long legs he was able to run and get a spot in line!! I swear by the time they let our cars in to park, I think Darkwing had already reached at least 200 people in line!!

Photo by AutoStitch

After this they organized our line into groups to make the walking over to D-Street process a bit easier! We sat there for awhile… some trading, some sleeping, some reading and chatting! We had a great time in line. It was a bit chilly so thank goodness I had some nice friends to share blankets with us! I even saw some familiar faces of cast members who work at D-Street! So exciting to see them getting into it too!!

Finally, around 7am, wristbands were distributed. And before we knew it, at 7:50 (yes 10 minutes early shh!) we were let inside to buy our Vinylmation and then head home to get some sleep!!

Today was a very eventful day! Now I am on my way to the Vinylmation trading night!! See you guys there!!


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