Adam Roth’s 12/26/11 WDW Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth recently visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom and took a TON of newsworthy photos to share with us, so strap in for a lengthy look around Walt Disney World:

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Adam caught the Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special inside the ABC Sound Studio, former home of Sounds Dangerous

In case you don’t know, Comedy Warehouse was a club at Pleasure Island

Just a sticker, but shows effort for a very temporary attraction

Control booth

The show is improv, comedy’s ugly cousin…


I’ve been running this site for five years, and this is easily the lowest moment…

Adam enjoyed it and so did guests, so we’ll see what the future holds…

Booths from the Food & Wine festival being used to meet dining demands

The Magic of Disney animation added a campus map a while ago… it’s trying to look like a real animation studio

Nothing says Italian like fast food meatballs…

The Premiere Theater is showing holiday cartoons

“Curse you Perry the Platypus!”

The daily schedule

The “italian” restaurant

It looks awful…

The stage is set for New Year’s Eve

Adam is a good colorer…

I’m so proud…

The Monsters University logo now up inside the Magic of Disney Animation

Moving to the Magic Kingdom, we arrive at Sleepy Hollow

What could we be here for?

Of course!

Here is the chicken sandwich without the usual spread

The ham, prosciutto, and swiss sandwich

The Diamond Horseshoe was open

Somewhere, a child cries…


Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade is performing daily now

“Yay! We didn’t have to buy a party ticket! But this place is packed…”

Christopher Robin was added to the parade this year, but the Pooh tree float is gone

Duffy joins the fun

The skiers were new for this year


Bo Creep… I mean, Bo Peep

A personal favorite

Another personal favorite

However long that is, it’s too long…

Too long!

Could we cut out this step thing!

Storybook Circus construction as seen from the TTA

The lower level rock-work taking shape at Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

The back of the Dumbo queue building was painted green

Three digits…

A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas is performing daily

Spot the Captain EO reference?

Eye did! Get it? Eye did!

Instead of having him on screen, Stitch appears on stage now

Some new props had to be made for the changes

The new tower at Barnstormer is rising up around the track

There is a lot of color on the Dumbo queue

They are pretty much rebuilding the old tents

Oooooo, I spot a dirty word…

Scaffolding up over the Dumbo queue building

The roof over the two covered queue areas is coming along

You can see the new Dumbo spinner through the queue

The train station is almost done

Another look at Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

The caverns are now visible

Belle’s Village is starting to look good

Another look at the Storybook Circus train station

Back to Under the Sea

Prince Eric’s castle

Notice Mr. Stork at the top of the new Dumbo spinner

Back to Belle’s village

Maurice’s cottage

Be Our Guest restuarant

A panoramic view of construction

Some of the Storybook Circus pavement has been revealed

wagon wheel marks and horse footprints litter the path, a beautiful detail

The mountain range looks great

The sun sets on the old Dumbo…

Some work has been done on the Castle Wall

A stone wall has popped up next to it

The edge of the rock-work

A chimney through the trees

Holy Nana!

You’d have to have a hook for a brain to wait in that

“it’s a long line”

Nice sign

The new path near the Haunted Mansion is being worked on

Non-alcoholic sangria from Tortuga Tavern


Time to light the Castle


New details were unveiled in the Town Square Theater queue for Mickey

Notes for advertisements made by Mickey sit on a bulletin board

Gotta love these details


A reference to the first attraction in this space, the Walt Disney Story

The Bill Justice character mural that used to stand in this space lives on with these rolled up pictures of it in one of the mailboxes

A great addition to a pretty bland room of the queue

A new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom window in Fantasyland

Hidden camera

Another window in Fantasyland

This appears to be Merlin’s house as you can see Archimedes’ bird house in the back

Another Fantasyland window

Not so hidden

The last reference to Tinker Bell’s Treasures has been turned into a Sorcerers window

The Main Street Electrical Parade is supposedly leaving before Summer 2012, so get in your last views while you can

The holiday edition of “The Magic, the Memories, and You!” is still performing

Some Holiday Wishes! photos


Quick, let’s take the secret exit out of this photo report!

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  1. Is it just me or does all the scaffolding look like it'd make a pretty cool wooden coaster in the meantime?

  2. Wow! That was a fabulous report :). I think I might be back at the end of February and I can't wait to see the progress in person! My favorite shot in this report is the panoramic. It really helps me get an idea of what it might look like. Thank you for all the pictures! I enjoy it very much!

  3. Thanks so much, I am impressed with all the work that has been done since I was there in October.

    And creepy Bo Peep looks like a villain from a Dr. Who episode . . .

  4. My Family and I were in Disney this week! We arrived 12/23 and left 12/29 and came back with my new nephew born 12/26 in Celebration Hospital 12/26. My sister was enjoying Christmas Dinner while at the California Grill 12/25!!!!! They were so accommodating for us,  called the ambulance  arrived in less than 10 seconds! All Star Music also provided us with vouchers for us to get to and from the hospital for my entire family!! Great trip!!! Now we shall see about going back for his first birthday!!!!  We heard the Magic Kingdom closed 12/25 and 12/28 due to max capacity!!! 

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