Park 7 Vinylmation Explained

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Park 7
Release Date: October 14, 2011
Blind Box Price: $12.95

Update: 02/23/12 9″ Main Street Electrical Parade and 7 Adventures get 2/24 release date. And according to a D-Street Cast Member, will have a retail price of $44.95.

Update: 01/27/12 Today released various Park 7 LEs including the Online Exclusive Main Street Electrical Parade Dragon and 3 piece Fife and Drum set. They also released 9″ River Country and 3/3 Horse and Trolley combo.

Yesterday Disney announced a 6 figure set based on the Tapestry of Nations parade. No pictures released yet, but the release date is February 3 and the price is $99.95 on this LE 2000 set. See details here. We are still waiting on details for Kitchen Kabaret. You can see the entire Park 7 LE lineup below.

Update: A ton of updates on this series today. First, an October 14th release date for the series and the combo topper. Second, we updated the pictures below. Tinkerbell has wings! Also, the Park 7 pin that we called Hong Kong Castle is NOT in the 12 figure set. Makes sense, because Park 7 and Park 8 are themed Walt Disney World for the 40th year celebration. Hence the amazing packaging:

No bland black boxes for Park 7! The used the same collage that is featured on other WDW 40th merchandise.

Here is the 11th figure we did not get from the Park 7 pins:

Update: 9/12/11 New pictures from The Florida Project

Update: 8/28/11 Well, after D23 we now have a clear view of the 11 known Park 7 figures and a release window. We guessed at a few of them when we first posted this explained page… and missed horribly, but in November 2011 we will see the following figures.

Donald Philharmagic
Casey Jones

The best 3″ design EVER. Hands down. Wow. This is a favorite of mine. It’s from the Philharmagic show where Donald gets stuck in a tuba at the end of the show. Only to get blasted out into the wall behind you and then end up tangled in the instruments of the ceiling of the gift shop.

Muppet Vision 3D
Lin Shih

This colorful figure fits perfectly onto the Vinylmation. It’s Kermit’s hot air baloon that flies high over the attraction. It has a lot of bright colors and a clean design.

America on Parade
Casey Jones

This amazing little guy depicts the parade float Mickey, Donald and Goofy rode in America on Parade. (see Fife and Drum set below for more info)

Polynesian Fire Dancer
“Cousin Q” Quynh Kimball?

Ok, they kicked it up a notch. Look at the fire stick! The pin didn’t do this guy justice. The ears are clear with the left having a flower and right saying “Aloha”.

Eric Caszatt

The famous fairy gets another vinylmation. Is this her flying through the night sky over the park? Will she have a wand? Oh wow she has a wand! Look at that wand with a star on top. Her outfit also has a real glittery appearance. I have to say she looks a ton better in person than she did on pin. Wings!

Star Jets
Eric Caszatt

A Tomorrowland ride that has had or has versions in all the theme parks. The ears are clear and have the rockets painted on them. Its a perfect rendition. It’s also a perfect accessory piece on the head.

Figment in Spacesuit
Thomas Scott

Figment makes his 3rd Vinylmation appearance… not inside a spacesuit. He has a Buzzlightyear-type helmet and clear ears to show off his horns.

World of Motion Sea Serpent
Maria Clapsis

It’s the Sea Serpent from World of Motion who is found looking right back at Christopher Columbus who is searching for the New World.

picture from
EPCOT 2000
Thomas Scott

Love it or hate it, the EPCOT ball had a wand attached to it for 8 years. This figure celebrates the occasion. In the picture, it says “EPCOT” above the ball, however, when the wand was originally put in place in 1999, it said “2000″ as on the Vinylmation. I liked it, but 8 years was overkill.
– Nick

Kali River Rapids
Billy Davis

A river rapids water ride in the Animal Kingdom. This figure is from the logo and sign that greet guests at the ride.

Earful Tower
Lin Shih

This was the iconic feature of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) in Orlando, FL until the giant sorcerer’s hat was built in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.
Mystery Chaser

Could be anything. What would you like to see?

The combo topper is Magic Kingdom Mickey from 1971 designed by Monty Maldovan.
3″ Horse and 3″ Trolley

Released in January 2012
Based on the transports you can see at the Magic Kingdom.

3″ Fife and Drum Set
Jan/Feb 2012
LE 5000
Mickey Mouse

This set represents America on Parade that ran from 1975 – 1976 at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. In the parade, Mickey had a flag, but it wasn’t in the display. Mickey does have a tri point hat on his head.

Donald Duck

Donald played the fife in the band as they rode the parade float down Main St. USA. The eagle float that Mickey, Donald and Goofy rode on was 18 feet tall. I like the duck bill extending down to the body. A ton of great Donalds coming out.

Goofy has a drum and stick accessory. The artist did a great job at capturing his eyes and face. The drum says “America on Parade”.
9″ River Country Goofy
Jan/Feb 2012
LE 1000

River Country was a beloved Disney water park before Blizzard Beach and Typhoon lagoon came along. It opened in 1976 and closed in 2001. The area next to Fort Wilderness sits abandoned today. What was your favorite attraction there?

Magic Kingdom Ticket
February 24, 2012
LE 1500

7 Adventures in one place! I want to go!
Main Street Electric 
Light Parade Dragon
Jan 2012
LE 1500

It’s the parade we all know and love that makes it’s way down Main Street USA nightly. Are you a ELP or Spectro fan?

Main Street Electric 
Light Parade Train
February 24, 2012
LE 1500

It’s the parade we all know and love that makes it’s way down Main Street USA nightly. Are you a ELP or Spectro fan?

Kitchen Kaberet Set
Jan/Feb 2012
LE 1500
Kitchen Kaberet is a former EPCOT attraction. It was in the Land Pavilion from 1982 to 1994. It was an animatronic show with food promoting healthy heating through entertaining skits and music.

Mr. Dairy Goods Mustard Rice
Bonnie Appetite Broccoli Ham

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  • Kitchen Kabaret and Sea Serpent have different hands compared to Retro Epcot and MK ticket.
    Can’t wait to get the Kali River Rapids and the toy story Midway Mania vinyls.

  • still not a fan of the new mold, but i think this is the best looking series ive seen on it so far. I hope I can grow to accept it. BUT i reallllllly like all these designs especially toy story midway mania and the epcot one. <3 I am kind of a new collector and this will be the first park series I will be buying from (I've traded for some previous ones). They do seem to be my favorite designs!

  • i think these seem focused towards wdw and that makes this seem like it wont be as popular in disneyland. however i guess these arent all of the figures and maybe some will be spread out through out park series. all in all i am very excited for this series.

  • I can’t imagine more than one Spaceship Earth vinyl in one series. I would imagine they would break up the millennium wand version and the retro version in different series.

  • I would totally buy these if they weren’t the stupid new mold! Who’s bright idea was it to change it anyway? Don’t fix what isn’t broken Disney.

  • Perhaps the Retro EPCOT, Kitchen Kabaret, Living with the Land and others will be part of a 30th Anniversary set for EPCOT in 2012???

  • I dont like how they are using the clear ears on so many vinylmations now, it really takes away from mickey.

  • Really excited for figment, philharmagic, and the kermit balloon. As for the chaser…how about an Indiana Jones vinylmation already! Seven park series and no Indy….??

  • Indy chaser? Goodness, why put me through that?! I’ve never bought a full tray. I’ve never had the need. But if there is an Indy chaser? I’m as good as the German Mechanic: Dead. (But from an excitement induced heart attack)

  • im going to be buying a case the day they come out looking for someone who wants 2 buy a set of 11

  • The gang at Disney really let the creative juices FLOW on this series….These will fly off the shelves !!!
    Best detail on a park series since park 4!!

  • Either the date changed on these, or I was at the right place at the right time today. Sat Oct 22nd…this morning at Villains in Vogue, Park 7 was put out for sale. May have been one of the first people to get his hands on a full case. First 3″ case I have ever purchased. Love these designs.

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