Spotlight On: Custom Pumpkin Artist Gyophry

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It’s January, so the thought on all our minds is of course… pumpkins! Last fall we featured artist Gyophry’s custom pumpkins. He masterfully carves works of art into these pumpkins and being a huge Disney fan, many of his designs lean that way. This year he is embarking on a series of pumpkins that will pay tribute to the Disney theme parks.

I am attempting what could be my most ambitious series yet, and the 1st of this is the Epcot 30th anniversary.
This is special to me due to Epcot being the 1st Disney park i had the pleasure to visit way back in 1982. I wanted to do something that would also bring back memories for a lot of us fans.

I began by finding a pattern series and then outlining the design in a pencil, it is difficult to see most detail when taking the paper pattern and laying it on a round 3d surface. I then painstakingly use a pin tool to pierce the pattern to the pumpkin, this allows me to remove the paper to see the design better, this process took me approximately 4 hours to complete.

Then the fun part, its time to cut and carve. This is the most exciting and nerve racking point in the process. Any mistake and its all over, as you can see the amount of time taken on the prep allows for the fine line detail. Slowly but surely the final design starts to show up.

The carving all in all took  approximately 6 hours to complete, and other than some issues with the paint of the actual Funkin (brand of pumpkin), I feel like this was a great start to this series.

If you are wondering what the rest of the series will be….well all i can say is its like Park Starz in the way it honors the classic rides and attractions we all love and cherish. I look forward to keeping you and the rest of my Vinylmation fans in the Halloween spirit all year round.

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  1. Wow, that is some detailed craftsmanship! I know my fingers and hands get tired doing a simple shadow pumpkin design during Halloween. I really like the theme of your art. Looking forward to your next design.

  2. You guys are going to love the next one! It’s looking fantastic – I feel incredibly lucky to be able to watch the pumpkins come together, and get the sneak peek before anyone else. So proud of my husband! =)

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