Meet Artist: Quincy Sutton

The Disney Store Blog today took a look at Disney Store character artist Quincy Sutton. Quincy is new to Vinylmation design, but not new to creating amazing products for guests. He designed 2 of the Furry Friends; Peter Pegasus and Percy the Pug.

Production issues aside, these were great designs (and my personal two favorites in this set). In this interview with the Disney Store Blog, Quincy hints to more Vinylmation he has created and takes us inside the process a bit.

“The whole process starts out as a concept. We come up with an idea of what a series will be about and the next step is to choose characters that are relatable to Guests and relevant to the series. The characters in the series should be a mix of popular and classic characters. We then figure out how to design the selected characters to fit on the Vinylmation form. Sometimes a particular character may fit better on the form than others, but we never give up on a character, we always try our best to make it work. Our initial concepts then go through a series of approvals, and once approved, we complete the illustrations. These designs are then sent out to be painted onto the forms. It takes a few months to see the first pieces and usually about a year of work before the whole series is released.”

Check out the full article and more behind the scenes pictures here at the Disney Parks Blog.