The chaser could be This, could be That.

In another interesting development, Disney has revealed that the Chasers to the Jrs 5 set “This and That” have changed. Disney had this to say.

“We learned that the trays were accidentally assorted incorrectly. If you buy a tray, you will still get the entire series yet the mystery chaser figures were switched.”

So Wing and a Prayer and Up and Down become the more rare figures and therefore the chasers. And you will now get 2 each of PB&J and Smoke and Mirrors.

Original Chasers
New Chasers

To me, this is a good thing. I really enjoy the “Smoke and Mirrors” and “Peanut Butter and Jelly” over “Ups and Downs” and “Wing and a Prayer”. This also explains the curiosity we discussed on the latest podcast, because both the old chasers were on display.

But this production error after Furry Friends and whatever happened with the Disney Store 25th Light up set makes for some curious problems in the Vinylmation arena. Does this bother anyone, or do you accept it as one of the downfalls of the world?

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