Donald and Pluto Mystery Combo

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Update: 2/22/12 An email today sent out by the Disney Store gave us all a closer look at what a lot of our great comments already pointed to. The design scheme for this “Storybook Collection” of merchandise not on sale at the parks and online. It is a variety of magnets, lanyards, pins, frames, shirts, snowglobes and more all to this theme of the Disney characters like guests enjoying the parks. Here is a look at the autograph book.

Update: 3/21/12 Thank you to Cheryl for showing us a picture of the back of these figures from the Vinylmation Exchange Facebook page.

Donald has a backpack with little Vinylmation painted on peaking out. From a comment from Carol below, it seems we should also be on the look out for”a Mickey, Minnie (with a camera), Goofy (with balloons) and Tinkerbell (above the castle) also shown on the box.” These designs struck me personally as very generic and they do look like designs used on some generic park merchandise at DLR and WDW. A Cast Member, Trevor, mentions this looks to be part of the “storybook collection.” I know Disney has to expand to this market for profit reasons, but in my opinion it is sad to see such a niche piece of Disney related art go in the direction of generic merchandise. Say what you will about the movie tie-in figures or Monorail Cars but these move way over that line. I felt the same way about Theme Park Favorites as well. New molds and Park Starz are still unique and more like art. But figures like the New years, theme park favorites and now these are more like generic merchandise. I always welcome new things in Vinylmation and if Disney feels this is what they need to do, that is fine. I would just rather see the main Disney characters used for a reason besides a tie in the the generic park merchandise theme of the day. There are so many great things you can do with the Fab 5 if you want to have them in different designs.

3/20/12 The following picture was posted on the Vinylmation Exchange Facebook page. Jon Quon was the poster and said he found this at Disneyland. Thanks to Ryan for sending it our way.

No real clue what this set represents without more context from the box, but the person who posted this picture also asked if anyone knew what series this is from. Any ideas? Donald and Pluto appear to be in their normal outfits, except for the hats. Donald wearing a yellow cap and Pluto wearing a sorcerers hat.

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  • I dunno what these are from but I NEED THAT SET! lol.

    Maybe it’s like all the new Disneyland Merch for this year? The box art reminds me of the reusable bag and autograph book i just got there last week… all the blue stuff with all the characters on it. Maybe it’s some sort of tourist set? :)

    Donald could be in his hard hat (doing some extra construction ya know) and pluto could be the newest sorcerer ;) lol

  • Cast member here! I can help you with this! So we have a line of merch here in Disney world refered to as the storybook collection. The background of this box is the same design that all the storybook merch has. I would assume this is a set of vinyls to go along with the other merch.

  • My Friend bought this set at Disneyland today. The only store he found it at was the trading outpost in Disneyland’s Adventurland. I wonder if it is an early release or something.

  • That’s the current character costumes as depicted in the generic park merch this year.

    That being said, OMG OMG PLUTO YEEESSSSS.

  • Also interesting to note: a long tome ago, when VM was starting, there were Donald and Pluto designs on promo artwork but never materialized beyond concept. Glad to see the designs finally realized, albeit different.

    Did I mention PLUTO!?

  • If somebody only wants pluto i might want to split and I might take off the hat from Donald as I do not get it or the sorcerer hat on pluto for that matter.

  • This set is very cool – definitely a must have.

    From pictures loaded on another vinyl site – Donald has a tourist cap on plus backpack (with vinyls coming out the top) and Pluto has a sorcerer hat on (like tourists buy in the parks) – there is a Mickey, Minnie (with a camera), Goofy (with balloons) and Tinkerbell (above the castle) also shown on the box.

    Hopefully since it only appeared briefly and in two shops at DLR – it was an early release and more is on the way!

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