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Release Date: January 20th, 2012 (first series)
Price: $12.95
Details: Open Window

Update: 4/7/12 The “Paper Cut” figure was released on the 6th at D-Streets. The figure was the one were used to know as “Flowers and Vines”.

Update: 1/13/12 D-Tour will be released at D-Streets on Friday, January 20th, 2012. We also now have a look at the rest of the first release of this series. There will be a total of 6 open window figures in the first set.

The Urban series gives much artistic license to the artists, but D-Tour is art all upon itself. This is a new direction for Vinylmation. Taken from tee-shirt designs with different versions of Mickeys, D-Tour looks like an artistic gem of a series. This set will revolved around different designs of Mickey. It will also be different in that they will keep track of inventory and order more hot sellers and replace slow selling designs with brand new designs. They will be in D-Streets in February of 2012 and will retail for $12.95.

Headphones Mickey

A great looking design that uses the headphones accessory similar to what we expect to see on 80’s Dale in the Disney Store Tunes set. I like the muted tone in the colors of this vinyl.

Mean Mickey

A face that looks like it took some inspiration from Runaway Brain Mickey. He has skulls on his shirt and scary shoes. It’s always fun to see Mickey outside his normal self.

Bright Mickey

Lots of colors here. A heart in the ear. Almost a sunshine look to his shirt. And you can almost see a face in the body as well. It seems very Florida, almost Key West in personality to me.

King Mickey

A great drawing of an art-filled Mickey. My favorite out of the original 6 released. 

Paper Cut
“Flowers and Vines”
Released: 4/6/12

This one is just loaded with Mickey heads. I like the colors and the pattern is very creative.

Color Mickey

Almost Muppet like with its flat, separated colors. Compared to the others in this series, it is plain and not my personal taste, but it does have a certain colorful character to it.

Mickey Hearts

A cool sketchy coloring pattern. Hearts in the ears and body. I like the style of this one, it reminds me of how I color stuff in but more artistic.

Here is some of the artwork these are modeled after:

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  • This would be a really cool idea, if they would have gone back to the old mold for Mickey. I mean, the new mold with Mickey’s face just looks flat and ugly. bleh

    • Correction – this is a really cool idea. These vinyls are great and the artwork is fantastic. Mickeys face is not flat and ugly on these.

      If you and Brad don’t like the new mold – thats OK – just don’t buy it, but don’t keep clogging up comments on EVERY post about the new mold versus the old mold – that is history – build a bridge and get over it! Many people clearly love some of the new designs and are getting rightly sick of negative comments over and over again!

    • I agree Matt, it’s pretty odd when mickey doesn’t fit his own shape. On the other hand though, I love these!! I will get them regardless of mold because I think they look great! I especially love the first one!! <3

  • This was a favorite series of mine from the announcements combine with the classics series and I will be in love. Call me classic but Mickey and his different looks is just what I like. Now if I could only get an Oswald.

  • If these were on the OLD mold, I would totally have to have them!!! I have been waiting and waiting on Disney to put a series of Mickeys on the Mickey mold. Tooooooooo bad they put him on the chipmunk mold. Even Mickey doesn’t look like Mickey. He is going to have to do P90X to get back in shape (of the OLD mold)!!

    • When vinylmation first started the form was a little different. It had more of a Mickey nose, less cheeks, lines on the face, Mickey’s buttons, and the right hand was different. Disney changed the figure a little, taking away a lot of the Mickey features as well as adding a hand that holds accessories better, and feet that come off. The changes were asked for by the artists to help them create better designs. A lot of people we very attached to those first designs and do not like the change.

  • Mostly, I agree with Brad and Matt but the artwork on this set is great. Don’t know if I’d buy it though. BTW… Brad, Matt, and anyone else who might be interested. If you’re on Facebook, search for
    Vinylmation – Old Mold Collectors. It’s a new page for those who prefer to collect the old mold.

    • Thanks, I’ll check it out!
      I still feel the same way about how faces look flat now on the mold, but I’m with you, I do love the first design of this series…willing to give it a shot! BTW I’m not a huge vm collector, only have 11 now…have all the Nerds. I prefer the vinyls that are either mickey, or another disney character. But mostly Mickey ;)

  • I guess I will have to jump in also. Old mold would have been better on these. Like always. I’ll give the new mold credit on the Alice in wonderland series and sloop the lion king.

  • So if they are going to be keeping track of hot sellers etc, does that mean they will be open box/window? I mean, they all seem like they will be really great but I def want that first one!

  • This is a true Urban series. Absolutely amazing, I’m on board for all of them. After the failure of Animation 2, it’s great to see some great designs to get me excited again.

  • Love these I’ve been dying to see a set like this. Especially love Mickey hearts and king Mickey can’t wait!

    • Just bought all of these…love them! I had really slowed my collecting to a crawl with the mold change, but these are beautiful and very well made. They look great together as a set.

  • I have a Duerrstein Mickey framed print that was originally at the Paradise Pier Hotel and this set is in the same sort of design – they will look great together – will be getting most of these.

  • Has anyone heard if these will be available at satellite Disney stores elsewhere in the world? Or at disneystore.com for that matter?

  • I was At D-Street (WDW) tonight, no Papercut figure. Didn’t ask a CM about it but that’s because it was crazy busy in there.

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