Pairs 2 Jrs Revealed at D-Street

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Update 4/26/12 Austin sent in close ups of all 4 pairs.



Cheshire Cat

Minnie Mouse

Just a few days ago, Stephanie sent us a picture of Pairs 2 Jrs on sale at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Today, Austin sent in a picture from D-Street of all 4 Pairs on display and a sign stating they will be officially released on April 27.

The lineup includes Dopey, Pluto, Cheshire Cat and Minnie Mouse. Each Disney character Jr comes packaged with a colorful pattern designed Jr for $16.95. It is a really interesting twist on character designs and I enjoy the color pallets chosen. They are fun as Jrs and work well at this smaller size. I really like the way the Cheshire Cat’s crazy face really pops out at you. The pattern pairs don’t appeal to me personally, but they also work well at this size and for what this series is probably designed for… your average guest picking up an accessory to hang on a bag or key chain. Not to say these will not find a way into some collector’s displays, but I don’t believe that is the target audience. Especially considering the secondary pairs are not all Disney themed. I know we at DV always call for more pattern based Urban 3″ designs, but these fall short (pun kind of intended because size has something to do with this comment) of our favorite Urban patterns. Will Disney Pairs be hanging in your display case anytime soon?


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    • Right now, only set to be at the parks. However, as we have seen, many releases tend to go online as well.

    • Yes, the back does say 10. So it is possible one pair isn’t on display. But the Vinylmation Blog also updated the calendar and only these 4 pairs are on it.

  • I get Minnie’s Jr pair with the Mickey heads but what’s up with the other three’s pairs? Is it even suppose to match?

    I’d rather see something like colorful bones and collars instead of stripes and dots for the Pluto pack.

  • Like I said earlier this week, this is absolutely my favorite set of Jrs!!!! I can’t get over how fantastic the color scheme is, it’s like a retro 50s househeld type color thing and it’s just fantastic!!!! I can see these having been originally meant for the Florida Project lst year, but qc might have gotten them.


  • Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if those are actually jewels on Dopey’s pair.


  • I still can’t get over how fantastic these are!!!!! They went above and beyond with this set! The Dopey, in my opinion, is head and shoulders above the recently released Snow White Jr version (although I do find it odd that they have both been released so closely to each other). Cheshire Cat is a million times better than the version they did in Juniors 2. Minnie looks like a classic 50s model, and is probably my favorite Minnie to date. Pluto is really great, although something about his ears is throwing me off…I don’t really know what, but it just seems a bit off on the paint job. The second one that comes with Dopey seems like a kind of lazy-ish design; I mean, it’s cool, but not right for this set. Minnie’s companion is spot on-the color scheme, the design, and the placement of the design on the figure is AMAZING…and it makes alot of sense, it being Mickey heads and all. Pluto’s partner reminds me almost of Pacman, and in general is just cool!!! Cheshire Cat’s is really, really cool-it totally reminds me of him, and just embodies the character without really putting the character on the Vinylmation.

    This set get a two thumbs up from this guy, and I can’t wait for it to find a place on my shelf :D


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