Mountain Climbers Return To The Matterhorn!

From Shawn Slater on the Disney Parks Blog:

Matterhorn Bobsleds has always been my favorite attraction at Disneyland park. Nothing beats the giddy thrill of hurtling through caverns of ice, encountering the Abominable Snowman and splashing down in an Alpine stream.

Mountaineers Scale the Matterhorn at Disneyland Park
One of my earliest memories in the park is of walking down Matterhorn Way and stopping in my tracks when I realized there were people actually climbing the famous Swiss peak. Having real mountain climbers on the mountain is a tradition started by Walt Disney in 1959 when the attraction opened. Over the years, climbers going by the names Hans, Otto and Fritz took on the challenge of reaching the summit.

I’m excited to tell you that this summer, brave mountaineers will once again scale the icy slopes of the mighty Matterhorn. Look for them starting June 15 when the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction reopens. Seeing them is one of those only-in-Disneyland experiences that will make you yodel with joy!