Episode 081 Epcot 82

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Ep. 081 Epcot 82

In a guest filled podcast we talk with Matt from Vinylmation Kingdom about all the Vinylmation previews at Comic Con. We discuss the state and future of the hobby with Kristina from Tomopop. And Annemarie calls in to give insight on her Hurley 9″ custom and Comic Con. We also fit a review of Park 9 in there with the latest news and up to date release calendar. 

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Nick LoCicero

Nick LoCicero has almost 20 years experience in the media industry. He has worked on numerous Disney related media projects, most know at WDWNT for WDW News Tonight. He has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982. After moving to Orlando in the late 90's he became a passholder, developed a fascination with the history of the vacation kingdom and has spent way too much money on park merchandise.


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  • In the background of the Haunted Mansion photo, the Mechanical Kingdom Goofy and Minnie can be seen

  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK OUT VINYLMATION KINGDOM RIGHT NOW, CHASERS NOW COME WITH JUNIORS. THIS IS THE BEST CHASER COMBO EVER!!!!

  • a packed episode this week……. agree there is too many releases coming out that its going to be impossible to get them all…my vinyl budget won’t allow it…they maybe making items in smaller edition sizes but still piling out the vinyls…. we have park 9 and circus in july, if they spread out the releases with a blind box series a month along with some single figures, it could be ok such as we could have star wars 2 aug, classic in sept, haunted in oct, pixar in nov, but throw in potc, john carter, prep landing, mechicnal, spooky, popcorns, as well, there is enough to spread them through to xmas but with nothing announced for september and august (bar spooky) and with even more being announced at mickey’s circus, there is going to be lots of stuff hanging around

    • I think people are forgetting that Disney never does anything for completists. You are never intended to collect them all. Disney has to diversify its offerings at such a greater rate because they only have most peoples attention and money for 5-7 days (the guests on vacation). We forget, and take for granted, how close we live to the park that sometimes we think its our own personal store. But as much as locals, hardcore collectors and annual pass holders think we keep the merchandise train running, its actually the hundreds of thousands of guests that visit the park monthly who are the real conductor of sales and merchandising. And as such, Disney has to make sure there are enough options to fulfill the needs of the many. Yes, we the collectors, built up Vinylmation and supported it, but its the guests that are financing it (if you will). Look at Pook-a-looz. Hardcore fans loved it, but the general public didn’t care for them. And poof they’re gone, cause there wasn’t enough wallets opening for them. The park guests are a necessary evil, we need them to help make these profitable so Disney continues to make Vinylmation, but in return there has to be enough variety for the rotating public that visits the parks each week to continue to buy. Besides, if Disney did do releases only a few times a year based off collector demand, think how boring everyone’s collection would be, we’d all have the same ones. What makes a collection unique is the reasoning behind why you only collect certain ones, whether it be based off theme, character, series, movie, etc. I like having as many options as possible. Look at pins, anybody who collects anything could find a Disney pin that they could collect (sports, food, circus, holiday, etc). Sorry for the long read.

      • Couldn’t have put it better myself. Why don’t you call 209-28 MOUSE and read that comment on our voicemail and we will play it on the next show.

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