New Vinyls Were Only An Illusion

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Update 7/8/12 These re-releases seem to only have happened at Disney Stores that have already released a city specific figure of their own. (NYC, Chicago, SF, Tokyo, Paris, London, Dublin) Also, thanks to the Playwright in NYC, we know the Global Vinyl was $9.95, but the others will be $12.95.

Thanks to this picture of a poster sent to us by The Playwright that was hanging at the Times Square Disney Store, we get a look at the other 5 “Magic Around the World” Vinylmation that will be released over the next five weeks at Disney Stores.

Feeling a sense of deja vu? We were excited to get 5 new Disney Store “world themed” vinyl figures, but instead all this meant was a re-issue of the previously location exclusive figures into other cities. This continues the Disney Store trend of turning “location exclusive” figures into “city specific” figures. They have previously released figures from New York, Chicago or San Francisco online for everyone to buy. I personally enjoy the idea of making some figures hard to get and only available in one city’s stores. So here is the lineup:

July 2 – Global Vinyl
July 6 – London Guard
July 13 – EDO Japan Mickey
July 20 – France
July 27 – Leprechaun
August 3 – Geisha Japan

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Nick LoCicero has almost 20 years experience in the media industry. He has worked on numerous Disney related media projects, most know at WDWNT for WDW News Tonight. He has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982. After moving to Orlando in the late 90's he became a passholder, developed a fascination with the history of the vacation kingdom and has spent way too much money on park merchandise.


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  • well, while they might not be “location exclusive” anymore, that does not mean they are readily available either. my local store told me that they will not be getting any of them; several people i spoke to got similar responses. it looks like maybe just certain big time locations (like new york and hawaii) that sees a lot of international traffic got them, but the average disney store did not.

    • I called our local store and they confirmed that only stores with exclusive city merchandise will be getting these figures. Bummer!

        • Unfortunately, Michael is correct. It was a confusing prediction, but I did mean the majority of the July 6th vinyl will be Japanese themed. Now, the catch is, our predictions are technically podcast to podcast, so if I come down with a cold and put off the recording for a week….. :) (I hope MC doesn’t read this)

  • I always wonder why supposedly French vinyl figures look like venetian gondoliers and are so ridiculous… Seems like designers never traveled to France or have the most ludicrous vision of French people. Why not a vinyl with a beret and a baguette to crown it all!!! Being French I will obviously pass on this quite insulting vinyl

    • I also know for a fact that not all Irish are leprechauns. :lol:

      Don’t take it so personally. It’s a widely stereotypical image of a French person. Everyone knows that the French do not dress like that. If they were to do a normal French person it would look like any other person in the world, which would make for a very boring figure.
      Be proud of the striped shirt, for it originated in the 1700 on the West coast of France. Similarly with the neckercheifs, previously very popular in your country, and to be honest it’s progressed to scarfs (never seen so many scarfs being worn in the summer:lol:). The beret (most commonly the basque) is part of your history, orginally being worn by the Basque shepherds, not to mention made in France. Try not to be insulted by your own country’s heritage. Also like to point out venetain gondoliers never originally wore striped shirts, in fact they wore business suits and black shirts before WWII.

  • Penguin yes I do know everything about sailors from Brittany as well as basque berets, which are as stupidly folklore-like as venetian striped shirts (thank you Las Vegas). But I keep on thinking this image is degrading, and I can t see any reason why any French person should be proud of that dumb lower class cliche. I would rather vinyl designers fought those insulting sterotypes, unless of course they could create just a similar degrading vision of a so called typically American representative, namely an obese burger eating beer drinking redneck which is the cliche traditionally linked to Americans over here. Ok maybe I lack humor but I remain very disappointed by this clearly narrow minded image conveyed by this series of vinyls. They had better stick to disney themes instead much more consensual and basically that is what vinyl fans expect.

    • And finally, if vinyl designers do want to create something French-like, I would highly suggest another type of cliche such as Queen Marie-Antoinette (who for some weird reason seems to be widely popular as well in the US, and who could definitely match the London horse guard). Such a vinyl would be much much cuter. Alas, as the saying goes, old habits die hard….

      • I don’t think the Frenchman is at all “lower class”, in fact I don’t know anyone who does see it like that. Seems only you see it as degrading. If they intended to create a degrading figure it would be an arrogant, cowardly frog and did they do this.. nope. Seems you don’t want to be represented by a cliche, so be it, means one less figure I’ll have to buy.

  • Michael i know this vinyl of course and i couldnt say it looks typically american just a nice funny face.
    Penguin I dont know if I can be depicted as arrogant let alone cowardly but being French and living in the worldwide capital of fashion and good taste I hate being represented by this stupid vinyl. Everyone agrees around me and I can only predict and hope for a total commercial failure for this vinyl.
    Anne marie pas d addition pour moi merci je crois qu on peut briser la si d aventure quelqu un comprend cette expression.

    • You wanted to see a stereotypical obese American vinyl. Well it doesn’t get more cliche than over stuffed, unshaven, bald headed, football watching Americans on thanksgiving.

    • Well the most common insulting stereotypes of a French person is arrogant, cowardly and frou-frou. (and so far you have started to tick two of them off, unfortunately). You said you didn’t want to be depicted by a stereotype but saying your the capital of fashion and food is an example of one. (And according to Global Language Monitor, London is ranked 1# fashion capital and Japan has the most Michelin stars)

      Also I can’t believe that you say that Thanksgiving figure looks “nice” but you complain how the French figure is “ridiculous”.

      Also your prediction is already wrong as this figure has already shown commerical success because it was sold out in France (and surprisingly UK) earlier this year and this will be it’s second run.

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