Sellouts and Surprises Surround Mickey’s Circus RSP Results

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Those who registered and sent in a Random Selection Process (RSP) form for Vinylmation or Pins for September’s Mickey’s Circus event (Mickey’s Circus Explained) should have received a very important email today. In the email, you will find out what products you were randomly selected to purchase. You do not need to take any action with this email. Disney will automatically charge your credit card according to what you agreed to purchase beginning on August 23rd. You will find all the pricing and return details in that email as well. Early pick up for your items is on Thursday, September 6th. You can also pick up your Vinylmation on the day of the event on Sunday, September 9th.

We would like to hear from you what you were awarded and how many of each. In talking to a few fellow collectors, it seems that some people did not receive even two of the LE 500 3″ Bongo and Lulubelle combos. I know many people requested up to three and I also know some people did get up to two. This leads me to believe that the bears in fact sold out in the RSP process. Everyone I talked to received as many LE 1500 Ringmaster Mickeys as they put down for (up to the limit of 3). However, I’ve only seen people awarded as many as two LE 750 Goofy/Minnie combos even though they requested three. Again, a sellout. But the big surprise, at least to me, were the LE 100 9″ Lion and Seal that retailed for $150 each.

I predicted, from the moderate reception and high price tag, these would not even come close to selling out. However, I know one person who requested the 9″ Lion in the first RSP round and still was not awarded one. I also know someone who requested both the Lion and the Seal in the first round of RSP and was only awarded the Lion. This means, if I understand the RSP process correctly, that at least 101 people requested the Lion and Seal in the first RSP slot. So it appears both 9″ are sold out and Disney’s experiment worked; An extremely low edition size won out over an extremely high price tag. But it was not just Vinylmation that surprised me.

At last year’s Florida Project, I practically bought the entire pin catalog. They were exceptional designs from top to bottom that represented Disney history. I even bought two of a few to trade that are still in my possession today. My RSP for Mickey’s Circus pins was rather short. I requested less than 10 pins. I did however request 2 of the Roger Rabbit and Jessica pin… but was only awarded one. I only have a small sample to work with, but this was an LE 500 pin that sold out in the RSP. Florida Project pins were still at various pin stores around WDW as late as this summer. I held off on a few pins “knowing” there would be some left over and I could buy them later. This may not be the case.

I look forward to hearing about your RSP results.

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  • I was awarded 1 mickey ringmaster, 1 lulu combo and 1 minnie combo- I was lucky to get one of each that I requested for :D

  • I was awarded one mickey, one goofy and minnie and one bongo set. My husband the same. We requested one lion but didn’t get it. I’m happy with my winnings.

  • I’m wondering how you know t hat the items sold out. Isn’t it possible that they are holding some back for sale at the event?

  • @MissMouse1928, they could have extra to sell at the event, but wouldn’t it make sense to sell them before the event (since everybody gets charged soon) to everybody who put them down to buy them and get the money in the bank…. Disney are all about the $$$….

  • I agree with Miss Mouse that they probably didn’t sell out on the RSPs. Disney is notorious for selling the “extras” that are supposedly leftovers from the RSP process. Even Disney knows that some cast member will mess up somewhere during the fulfillment of orders so they keep some pins and vinyls around to make sure everyone that ordered got what they were promised on their RSPs. Then they sell the extras at check in. If they find a box of pins and vinyls (that were accidentally) left in the warehouse, then they spread them around the park afterwards.

    When I was on vacation at Disneyland two summers ago, I purchased several leftover pins (from the Dateline 1955 event) that several of my friends were told sold out before/at the event. I found these the next day after the event at LGM. Different ones showed up over the next few days there as well.

    Just be on the lookout at the Park stores after the event if you didn’t get all you wanted on your RSP.

  • I ordered one of each and got them all! I am so exited this is my first event. Can anyone tell me what to expect?

  • I am sorry but I will disagree with Disney holding items back. I know I personally put each vinylmation item on ALL three of my RSP sheets to see just how long each item lasted. The ONLY item I got in the third RSP was Ringmaster Mickey. So therefore there were NO Lions or Seals left for the second or third RSP runs. With that said, some people could still return items which would allow for some to be sold during the event.

    To explain a bit further. The process goes through each RSP line by line. So it will go and award everyone who put Lion in line 1, RSP 1 first. IF there are any leftover they will go the the next line of RSP 1 and so on until all are awarded. IF there are more than 100 people who listed Lion on line one of RSP 1 then it randomizes who gets the Lion. This is where some people getting the Bears on RSP 2 or not comes in. Seems that a small number of the bears made it through to the second RSP. Depending on how one ordered their list you could get a sense of when an item “sold out”. Seems like the Lion and Seal sold out between the 3rd or 4th line of RSP 1.

  • this is about mickey’s circus: I will be going on sunday and this will be my first disney event, I am very excited but a bit scared since i have heard these turn grown adults into 5 year olds with tantrums. Hope its as amazing as I hope. I got one of each of the vinylmations on my RSP :) anyone have any tips about what to do and what to avoid?

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