Tim Alcoser’s 9/5/2012 Disneyland Photo Report

Tim Alcoser was at the Disneyland Resort a few days ago and got some pictures of some newsworthy items around Disneyland Park.

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Welcome to Disneyland

Christmas decorations were temporarily up for filming.

City Hall can still be accessed while under refurbishment.
City Hall is all wrapped up for refurbishment. 

As can the restrooms near City Hall.  But the firestation is closed.
So is the firehouse 

A mini sneak peak of Christmas decorations.
Holiday decorations are up for filming 

Indiana Jones closed until the end of the year.  Good thing too, there was A LOT that needed to be refurbished and repaired.
Indiana Jones is closed through December 7th

The Bootstrappers play for thrilled guests.
Now for a peak in the Pirate’s League 

The Pirate's League crew did a little redecorating to the Court of Angels.

I think it is a nice use of the space 

Haunted Mansion is closed through the 13th for holiday install

Haunted Mansion Holiday decorations are moving along well.  Less than a week before it's open.

Looks like all the exterior decorations are up on the mansion 

A more simple time...
Neat picture 

Casey Jr. and Storybook Land are closed for refurbishment and to install new “safety features.” 

Monstro is getting a much needed new coat of paint 

The new location for the Princess Meet and Greet is on the right side of the pathway to It's a Small World in Fantasyland.
The princess meet and greet in the Small World Mall

Guests still
You can still meet Merida 

Closed up.
The theater is being prepped for the new show coming next Spring 

Minnie's House under refurbishment.  Mickey's is still open.
Over in Toontown, Minnie’s House is closed for refurb 

But you can still meet Minnie near Goofy's house.
Though Minnie is out and about around Toontown doing meet & greets 

Terribly sorry sir, I thought Fantasyland was this way...

One of these seagulls is real.

Pizza Port is down for refurbishment.  Maybe they will fix the pizza too.
In tomorrowland, Redd Rocketts Pizza Port is closed through the 21st 

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