Joe Hogarty’s 4/2/13 Animal Kingdom Photo Report

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WDWNT Reporter Joe Hogarty visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom yesterday and has some newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look:

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Work being done on the bridge to Africa, believed to be connected to the work on the new Festival of the Lion King Theater

This could be extended queue for the show

We haven’t checked on the Tree of Life nets in a while

Seems most of the paths are covered now

There is one small section still not completed

Mickey-shaped snacks?

A look at the Africa bridge from the other direction


I am Batman!

Awwww, kitty!

They were being active




Almost done…

The Adventurers Outpost still has not opened

Maybe soon…

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  • This park makes me sad.

    Broken Yeti, broken tree of life and Disney not able or willing to fix it.

    And to make things worse they gone drop Avatar in there.

  • It's my feeling that the walls on the bridge into Africa are there to block the view of the work being done to the west. I honestly believe there will be another bridge constructed to the left of the current bridge, leading directly towards the new theatre (area). The walkway between the river and Tusker House is just too narrow to support the crowds attending the FotLK, hence my belief for an additional bridge to the west.

  • Thanks for the update!

    It's a huge shame that the netting was required on the grounds of safety. Much harder to see the lovely sculptures in the tree of life or worse still to photograph!

    Hope the extra bridge theory is correct, it must be when you consider several thousand extra people buzzing about in amongst the already busy route into Africa!

    I also wonder if they will increase the theatre's capacity for the new Festival of the Lion King? It's new location will automatically attract passers by that otherwise would not have headed down into Camp Minnie Mickey.

  • I love how people are saying something beautiful and bold like Avatar is making a stagnant and unchanging park worse. I love the irony.

  • Animal Kingdom is still my favorite park to take photos. You can still get some good photos of the Tree Of life and it's sculptures but it's just not as easy as before. The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail is one of my favorite spots. I can spend hours just watching the silverback gorillas interact with each other.

  • The yeti was working great when I rode Everest a week ago.
    And actually, to add to all of the avatar criticism, have you ever actually paid close attention to the front entrance and signs in animal kingdom? The front has a symbol of a dragon looking creature and the same creature appears again on a sign leading to an obviously nonexistent land in the park. Clearly imagineers meant for a land mystical like avatar. It makes sense in the park anyways, and one of the cast members was talking to me about the rides, its going to be awesome

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