The Second Marvel Variant Surfaces

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Today finally saw the release of the first series of Marvel Vinylmation.  And thanks to Vinylmation World, the second variant in this set was revealed.  It is a variant of Thor with a beard.

And here are both figures together:

I have to admit I’m a little disappointed.  After the awesome Phasing Vision that is in this set, as well as all of the source material they could have pulls from, this feels like a huge miss.  It follows similar variants like Monsters University and Muppets 3 where only a minor detail on the figure has been altered.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Agree that they have missed a good opportunity for an awesome variant in the Marvel series. I like the Thor character a lot but to just bung a beard on him as a variant seems lame.

    Just one point in the article – I like the Muppets 3 variant and it is one of the only ones I have purposely bought on ebay since not being able to blind box (in New Zealand!) – it ties back to the basis of the song on the Muppets – might be a minor detail but there is a point to the variation which is nice.

  2. What’s with Vinylmation? Who gives a poop? Beanie Baby stupidity. Wish they’d invest in creating less lame souvenirs than this plastic bull-dump.

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